Lexacom Echo Case studies

Business Continuity Planning in Primary Care

Primary Care Business Continuity Planning – an Overview. One of the lessons from COVID-19 is the need for GP Practices to have robust, workable, and managed primary care business continuity plans. In this post, we investigate the elements, management, and support of these plans.     Primary care business continuity planning – why it is […]

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What Are The Benefits of Voice Recognition Software?

What Are The Benefits Of Voice Recognition Software? The benefits of voice recognition software are that it provides a faster method of writing on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, without typing. You can speak into an external microphone, headset, or built-in microphone, and your words appear as text on the screen. Many businesses and organisations […]

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Enhanced patient access – the challenges and benefits

Enhanced Patient Access – the challenges and benefits Enhanced patient access is part of the NHS long-term plan, all of which aims to serve the UK population with a better, more efficient, and more effective healthcare system. What is happening in the NHS is in line with similar developments around the world. And is a […]

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How Much Time Can You Save With Speech Recognition?

How To Save Time With Speech Recognition Software Humans have long wanted to speak to machines – or at least make them talk to us. As technology progressed, this dream became a reality in the form of speech recognition. Speech recognition software provides a convenient user interface for professionals based on the simple interaction between […]

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How Does Speech Recognition Work?

How Does Speech Recognition Work?  Speech recognition software has come a long way since its first inception in the 1950s. Back then, this technology could only understand up to 16 words, including the digits 0 to 9.  Now, we use speech recognition technology in our everyday lives, with an increasing amount of people using assistants […]

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