Improve efficiency: accurate healthcare dictation software

Improve efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety with Lexacom’s expert medical dictation system. 

Our advanced healthcare dictation software has been designed with the medical user in mind. With our easy-to-use workflow management, Lexacom will help you and your team work smarter and in unison. Our digital dictation system is the perfect solution for organisations looking to replace traditional tape-based dictations or evolve their working practices to more efficient ones.

  • Primary care
    • General practice
    • First contact physiotherapy
    • Community pharmacy
    • Dentistry
    • Eyecare
  • Secondary care
    • General medicine
    • General surgery
    • ENT surgery
    • Ophthalmology
    • Musculoskeletal
    • Mental health care
  • Community health
    • Nursing
    • Health visiting
    • Podiatry
    • Dieticians
Medical dictation software - image of a healthcare professional using a scanner before creating a dictation

Medical dictation software that’s designed for you

Lexacom is proud to offer a range of dictation tools for healthcare. Our medical dictation software draws upon decades of expert experience, as well as feedback from our clients – allowing us to work in tandem towards the same goals. We understand that the smooth flow of information within a healthcare environment is essential. 

A key offering within our healthcare dictation software is our focus on integration with other essential systems. Lexacom’s innovative workflow is adaptable, scalable and allows staff across multiple locations to utilise the same system. Given that many healthcare organisations occupy different sites – this function is a game changer.

I honestly don’t know how we coped before using Lexacom digital dictation.

We would not be without it now and recommend it to other GP practices.

It has been a quick and easy transition to this new medical digital system and we could not be happier


Debbie Charman, Practice Manager – Lordshill Health Centre

Why choose Lexacom?

Our healthcare dictation system can transform your practice. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should choose Lexacom to take care of your medical dictation and document creation needs:

  • We are specialists in clinical system integration. We have integrations in place with all UK primary care clinical systems and Docman’s document management platform.
  • We offer flexible modular options for document creation, including speech recognition and outsourced transcription. These features come built-in and are ready to use.
  • Lexacom provides cloud technology as standard, allowing groups and federations to share resources regardless of any shared infrastructure.
  • Our medical dictation system has been built in line with stringent NHS encryption standards for peace of mind.

Connecting all our practices is a win-win.

It is easy to connect, share resources and sort out any issues.


Tara Moylan, Head of Projects, South Cheshire and Vale Royal GP Alliance

Download our medical dictation brochure

If you want to explore our medical dictation system further, then download our Lexacom for Healthcare brochure. Here you’ll find more information on our products: Lexacom 3 digital dictation, Lexacom Scribe transcription support, Lexacom Mobile for digital dictation by mobile phone, Lexacom Echo medical speech recognition software, Lexacom Connect for cloud-based digital dictation, and Cabolo for fast, secure and accurate meeting transcription.  

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