Lexacom products: speech recognition, digital dictation, and document creation

Lexacom products cover a wide range of workflow options that all work harmoniously with our market leading Lexacom 3 digital dictation and document creation system. All our additional products and services are fully integrated to help organisations work smarter and increase efficiency.


Digital dictation – maximise efficiency, control, and flexibility

Designed to make your life easier, Lexacom 3 digital dictation is the most advanced and versatile digital dictation and workflow system available. The ideal solution for organisations looking to replace traditional tape-based dictations or evolve their working practices.

  • Easily dictate letters, notes, invoices, and reports.
  • Prioritise, monitor and manage your workload with advanced reporting.
  • Outsource some, or all, of your transcriptions at the touch of a button.

Speech recognition – dramatically improve your efficiency

A new and major element of the Lexacom products portfolio is our flexible speech recognition software, Lexacom Echo. Revolutionising the way that professional speech recognition software works. Regardless of your sector of interest, be it financial speech recognition, legal speech recognition, or medical speech recognition, our extensive range of UK dictionaries have you covered.

  • Industry-specific dictionaries for medical, legal, and financial.
  • Deferred or live speech options.
  • Bespoke 1-2-1 user training.

Cloud-based digital dictation – work together seamlessly, across multiple sites

Lexacom is the only provider to offer secure cloud-based digital dictation, allowing you to dictate and send correspondence from multiple locations and share resources. Lexacom Connect: work smarter, work efficiently, and most importantly, work together!

  • Securely share information and admin resources across multiple sites.
  • Manage staff absences and workload.
  • Configurable to suit individual organisational requirements.

Mobile digital dictation – record, track, and approve dictations on the move

Wherever you are, whenever you like, Lexacom Mobile uses the same securely encrypted cloud technology to transmit dictations between Talk and Type users, ensuring your data remains safe at all times.

  • Record, edit, insert or overwrite dictations on the go.
  • Send securely via encrypted cloud technology.
  • Take and attach photos to your dictations.

Transcription support service – focus on the things that matter

A secure, accurate transcription service, available as and when you need it, Lexacom Scribe is quick, cost-effective, and reliable. Our highly trained, UK-based staff are trusted by NHS trusts, top 50 law firms, and blue-chip organisations.

  • Improve your turnaround, and save on temporary staff.
  • End-to-end encrypted, data security ISO 27001 accredited.
  • Pay per audio minute, with no minimum contract.

Meeting transcription – record and transcribe any conversation securely

A brand new addition to Lexacom’s speech-to-text portfolio, Cabolo is a unique solution using the latest AI speech recognition developed by Cedat85. A small, portable, standalone unit, Cabolo needs no access to the internet and nothing more than a power source and password to operate.

  • Transcribe online meetings without third-party add-ons.
  • Upload past meetings for near-instant transcription.
  • Integrate with existing conferencing equipment.

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