Dragon Medical Practice Edition end of life – upgrade to Lexacom Echo

Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE) is nearing end of life. Nuance stopped selling DMPE in 2022 and will no longer support it after the end of September 2023. 

Switch from Dragon Medical Practice Edition (DMPE) to Lexacom Echo

Now is the time to switch to Lexacom Echo

Lexacom Echo is a fantastic alternative for NHS DMPE users looking to replace their speech recognition technology now DMPE is end of life.

Lexacom Echo offers all the familiar features of DMPE. Such as real-time speech-to-text, integration with all leading clinical systems, and medical specific vocabulary. Plus, Echo has the incredible benefit of being powered by Comprehension Engine®, with its ability to automatically add plain English explanations of medical terms. Making it ideal for helping patients understand their medical notes as they begin to access them in the NHS app

Switch from DMPE to Lexacom Echo


Lexacom Echo has more capabilities than Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

It is easy to set up with no need for voice training. It can be installed across an unlimited number of PCs. It is cloud-based, so won’t slow down the user’s PC. It has clinical system navigation commands, making it easier and more user-friendly. Plus with DMPE end of life, Lexacom Echo still has regular updates and upgrades.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition Lexacom Echo logo
Real-time speech to text Yes Yes
Highly accurate Yes Yes
Works with all leading clinical systems Yes Yes
Medical specific vocabulary Yes Yes
Quick setup: without voice training No Yes
Easy install across unlimited PCs No Yes
Cloud based: won’t slow down your PC No Yes
Clinical system navigation commands No Yes
Regular software updates No Yes


Automatic plain English explanations of medical terms

As patients begin to access their medical records, clinicians have a new burden: making their notes easy to understand.

Lexacom Echo automatically adds plain English definitions to medical terms as clinicians dictate or write patient notes – the only speech recognition software in the world with this breakthrough capability, powered by Comprehension Engine®.

Give your patients a better understanding when viewing their notes in the NHS app, and importantly, reduce the burden on your staff from patients who may otherwise get in touch for clarification.

Automatic plain English explanations of medical terms, only available with Lexacom Echo medical speech recognition


Exclusive offer for customers upgrading from Dragon Medical Practice Edition to Lexacom Echo

Exclusive pricing for upgrades from DMPE

We have an incredible offer for customers upgrading from Dragon Medical Practice Edition. Plus, Lexacom Echo is available with flexible licensing, and volume pricing for PCNs and ICBs. All of Lexacom Echo’s licences include installation, training, and support.

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