“The combination of using Lexacom and Lexacom Echo is excellent and is a vast improvement from our previous digital dictation system. It’s been good to find a system that can be tailored to suit all our needs.”

Cathy Slattery. Practice Manager, Calcott Medical Centre

Lexacom Echo – What is it?

Lexacom Echo revolutionises the way that professional speech recognition is made available and has the potential to dramatically improve efficiency. Regardless of your industry, be it financial, legal or healthcare, our extensive range of UK dictionaries have you covered.

You can say that again!

Designed with our customers needs in mind, Lexacom’s range of document creation services now includes a flexible and easy to use speech recognition platform, available in addition to your Lexacom 3 solution.

We continually work on developing our portfolio to optimise administration efficiency and accuracy within the workplace. In recent years the demand for speech recognition has significantly increased, our customers have told us of the barriers they have faced to use this technology.  Significant up front investment and the lack of seamless integration has held back many customers from making use of this technology.

As an integral part of Lexacom 3, Lexacom Echo removes these barriers for our customers. It is available to all users without the need for significant upfront investment in PC hardware or software, and offers a much greater flexibility.

Speech recognition technology, used with our comprehensive workflow platform, offers users the flexibility to use their voice to directly input data into an existing system, as well as to create a dictation to be returned for revision or to be sent to their admin teams for transcription.

The benefits of Lexacom Echo:

  • Fully embedded within Lexacom 3, users are able to select Lexacom Echo as a transcription service, improving the efficiency of a secretarial team, or toggle to the live mode for clinical data entry.
  • Profession-specific vocabularies for medical, legal and business are fully integrated and updated regularly ensuring consistent accuracy.
  • Users can start with deferred speech recognition ‘Lexacom Echo’, then move to direct speech recognition ‘Lexacom Echo Live’ when the system has adapted to recognising the users voice, taking the training burden away from the author.
  • Lexacom is able to provide bespoke 1-2-1 training, ensuring any user who needs a little extra support isn’t left to fend for themselves.
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We all speak differently but with Lexacom Echo each user will have their own speech profile, specific to their voice. This profile will adapt to the user’s voice over time and accuracy will improve with usage and training, becoming more familiar with the user the more it is encouraged to learn. With regular use and training of the users profile Lexacom Echo can save time, but of course we want to ensure moving to this technology is the best fit for every client.  The use of speech recognition technology can be a daunting prospect and a significant change in engrained working practices.

To ensure that speech recognition is right for your organisation we will happily arrange for a free 30 day trial for you and your team, and let our software do the talking.

By offering this we are able to ensure that any investment in this technology is only made for those users to whom the technology is of benefit.


Take a look for yourself, register for one of upcoming webinars and online demonstrations today!

“We had a demo of Lexacom Echo and could immediately see it was very user friendly. Because it was new to GPs and the administration team, everyone learnt the new system together. We love Lexacom Echo and would highly recommend it to others.”

Cindy Flatt. Practice Manager. Southernhay House Surgery

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