Lexacom Echo speech recognition – empowering patients’ understanding and saving doctors time


NHS specific medical dictionary

Dictate instead of typing

Save up to 80% of admin time


Lexacom Echo medical speech recognition is powered by Comprehension Engine® – our unique capability that automatically explains complicated medical terms in plain English as clinicians dictate or write patient notes, giving patients a better understanding of their conditions when viewing their notes in the NHS app.

Lexacom Echo medical speech recognition automatically coding patient information in SystmOne

Improve understanding

By spelling out in plain English what medical terms mean, Lexacom Echo aids patient understanding, reduces confusion and anxiety, and avoids follow up calls which add to the burdens of practice teams.

Save time for clinicians

Speed up notes entry into all clinical systems and Microsoft Windows applications – simply put the cursor where you’d like to type, and talk. Plus – we have just launched automatic coding, take a look:


  • Powered by Comprehension Engine®
    • Automatically explains medical terms in plain English
    • Recognises medical phrases and automatically converts them into descriptions and abbreviations
    • Codes clinical information automatically in SystmOne as you speak
  • Four modes of operation, all driven by the user speaking
    • Default mode: Place the cursor in any text field and watch your words appear as you speak
    • Patient mode: Medical terms are recognised, and easy to understand explanations are added to improve patient understanding
    • Medical mode: Saves time for clinicians by automatically converting spoken medical phrases into medical shorthand
    • Coding mode: SNOMED codes appear as they are spoken, directly into SystmOne, saving clinicians an incredible amount of time
  • Medical specific vocabulary
  • Market-leading accuracy – using the latest AI technology
  • Plug and play – no need for voice profile training
  • Clean, simple, and adjustable toolbar 
  • Easy to use interface – place the cursor where you’d usually type, press record, and your words appear as you speak
  • Save time by being quicker – create documents at speeds of up to 160 words per minute
  • Improve data quality by entering medical notes clearly and accurately
  • Recognise medical phrases and convert them into detailed descriptions and shorthand
  • Annual subscription fee – no upfront costs
  • Free trial – experience how Lexacom Echo helps, for free
  • Dictate directly into all clinical systems and Windows applications


See how Lexacom Echo saves doctors time and empowers patients’ understanding

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“Using Lexacom Echo has improved my record keeping, and medicolegally, patient notes are now more concise than when I used to type them.”

Dr Khan, Partner & Research GP Lead, Health Care First

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