Lexacom Echo – professional speech recognition with market leading accuracy


Save time on clinical notes

Lexacom Echo revolutionises professional-grade speech recognition, with its easy-to-use interface and market leading accuracy. Perfect for speeding up notes entry into all leading clinical systems.

Supports enhanced patient access

NHS specific medical dictionary

Dictate anywhere you can type

Save up to 80% of admin time


See how much time you could save.

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“Using Lexacom Echo has improved my record keeping, and medicolegally, patient notes are now more concise than when I used to type them.”

Dr Khan, Partner & Research GP Lead, Health Care First


  • Medical specific vocabulary
  • High levels of accuracy – using the latest AI technology
  • Plug and play – no need for voice profile training
  • Clean, simple, and adjustable toolbar 
  • Easy to use – place the cursor where you’d type, hit record and your words appear as you speak
  • Save time by being quicker – create documents at speeds of upto 160 words per minute
  • Annual subscription fee – no upfront costs
  • Free trial – experience how Lexacom Echo helps, for free 


See how much time you could save.

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