Save time: expert digital dictation system for lawyers

Law firms are benefitting from Lexacom’s legal dictation solutions. 

We provide an advanced digital dictation and document creation system that has been designed to help law firms save time and work smarter. 

Our legal dictation software is cost-effective, reliable, and fully scalable – whether you have five, or five hundred users. In addition, software updates and access to our online knowledge base and UK-based technical helpdesk are included in your subscription.

Lexacom 3 delivers all the features we expect from a legal digital dictation system, as well as some additional functions that have gone down well with our team.

I happily recommend Lexacom to any other law firm.


Steven Forster – Director, Page Nelson Solicitors

Lexacom’s legal dictation software has been designed with lawyers’ and law firms’ needs at the forefront. 

Its intuitive workflow is adaptable and scalable, allowing staff across multiple sites to coordinate using the same system. 

Lexacom’s digital dictation system for lawyers is simple and easy to use. Whilst being powerful and flexible enough to handle complex workflow production requirements. 

Lexacom's digital dictation system for lawyers

Why choose Lexacom’s legal dictation software?

Our digital dictation system for lawyers will save your law firm time. Freeing up legal staff to focus on higher-value, client-facing, fee-earning tasks. 

Here are  a few of the reasons why you should choose Lexacom for your legal dictation and document creation needs: 

  • It’s been designed for you. Our speech recognition software and digital dictation systems have a legal-specific vocabulary and are constantly updated to meet the needs of legal professionals, legal staff, and law firms.
  • Keep documents up to date. Users can make quick and efficient changes, via a range of technologies and services, to keep documents up to date and accurate.
  • Stay on track with workload and document production decisions. With our reporting and dashboard function. Giving you easy to understand insights on what’s happening and when.  
  • Benefit from round-the-clock access to document production teams with Lexacom’s dedicated mobile app.
  • Always know the cost of using additional features with our transparent and open pricing

I could not recommend Lexacom more highly for those looking for a reliable, user-friendly digital dictation system


Solicitor and Practice Manager, Milners Solicitors

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