Cabolo – securely record and transcribe any conversation

Cabolo is an exciting innovation from Cedat85 and a brand new addition to Lexacom’s voice-to-text portfolio. It is a unique solution that records and transcribes any conversation with complete security and uses the latest AI speech recognition.

Delivered as a small, portable, standalone unit, Cabolo needs no access to the internet and nothing more than a power source and password to operate. All the complex technology is embedded within the device, completely removing the need for cloud services or third-party data processing.


Real time subtitles with extensive search functionality

Once placed in a suitable location, Cabolo can accurately and efficiently transcribe the conversation of up to 10 people. This reliable and secure solution solves the significant administrative burden placed on organisations and increases efficiency and accuracy as well as productivity.

Cabolo outputs transcribed conversations as subtitles in real time and delivers a multimedia PDF with synchronised text and audio, which can be archived with extensive search functionality. It can also offer a much-valued tool for those with a hearing or other communication impairment.

The possibilities for Cabolo are almost endless.
Anyone who has to take detailed notes or requires subtitles for conversations needs Cabolo.

Upload previous meetings for near-instant transcription

Cabolo can transcribe previously held meetings and conversations. If a recording has been made in a suitable format, the file can simply be uploaded to Cabolo for near-instant transcription. Cabolo is ideal for recording and sharing any conversation, business meeting, lecture or video conference.

With Cabolo, Lexacom is now in a unique position to offer the full range of speech technology solutions, whether it be at home, on the move, or in the workplace. Cabolo offers an extension to our capabilities that no other company in the UK can claim, bringing world-leading AI speech recognition technology to everyone in any context.

Transcribe meetings of up to 10 people

How Cabolo can help you

  • Document and minute board meetings accurately and quickly
  • Hold a detailed conversation and take accurate notes
  • Save time filling in forms
  • Input information once and avoid duplicating work
  • Record meetings verbatim
  • Securely transcribe online meetings without cloud technology or third-party add-ons
  • Transcribe lectures and seminars for online distribution
  • Spend more time meeting and less time minuting
  • Attend meetings where the spoken language is not your own
  • A tool for those with hearing or other communication impairments

Integrate Cabolo with existing conferencing equipment

Whilst Cabolo can be used as a stand-alone device, it can also be integrated with existing conferencing equipment, enhancing the capabilities of board rooms, lecture theatres and meeting rooms.

Lexacom have been leading the way in speech technology for more than two decades. Our continued success has been assured because of our thorough understanding of the needs of our users and our ability to offer innovative solutions.


Transform how you communicate and collaborate

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