Need to replace Winscribe dictation?

At the time of writing (April 2023) Winscribe digital dictation software is due to end-of-life in just three months’ time, for the cloud-based version, and in fifteen months’ time for the local server-based version.

That is if you are a user, you need to replace Winscribe dictation by the end of June 2023 or the end of June 2024, depending on which version you have.

Lexacom is already talking to and helping a range of Winscribe users who are looking for their replacement digital dictation system.

Some are just starting to look at their options, as they are facing the June 2024 deadline. Others are more urgently looking at Lexacom digital dictation and speech recognition (also called speech-to-text) solutions as they face the end of June 2023 deadline.

If you are facing either of these situations, here’s what you should consider to meet your need to replace Winscribe dictation.



Need to replace Winscribe dictation – what to consider in a replacement?

There are numerous things to consider when looking for a Winscribe replacement. Generally, these fall into three areas:

  • The logistical capability of the Nuance Winscribe replacement organisation
  • Technical capabilities of the Winscribe replacement
  • What sort of replacement for Winscribe users are looking for

We looked at the logistics of replacing Winscribe, from a project management position, in an earlier article. Even then we were flagging the need to take action sooner rather than later.

Given the deadline situation now, several months later, we can only stress the importance of starting as soon as possible if your organisation needs to replace Winscribe dictation.

Even if you are using the local server-based version of Winscribe digital dictation, don’t think that you have plenty of time to organise a replacement.

As we detailed in our article, a project like this will involve several, if not many, stakeholders, with a corresponding number of briefings, reviews, and discussions, all of which will eat up time, even if you have fifteen months of it.

A key problem if you leave it to the last moment.

Plus, if you leave it until the last chance, you will be falling into a group of other organisations who waited too long, put off the decision, and will all be chasing a replacement at the same time.

While all the medical, legal, and professional digital dictation and speech recognition suppliers will want your business, there will be a logistical crunch point for them. That is the staff briefings, the new installations, and the group and one-to-one training sessions which all need to happen to effectively and efficiently replace Winscribe, are supported by finite resources of qualified people.

Ultimately, if you wait too long, you run the very real risk of not being able to get what you want, and having to settle for what you can get.

Do you just want a digital dictation replacement?

If you are wanting to replace Winscibe with a like-for-like digital dictation solution then there are multiple options available on the market.

Lexacom 3 is our market-leading option, which can be sourced via the SBS Framework for digital dictation solutions, as well as directly from us.

It works with all Electronic Patient Record systems, has templated and customisable workflows, together with cloud and mobile options. Making it a very capable replacement for Winscribe.  

Have you considered speech recognition?

Another thing to consider is the newer technology of speech recognition. Otherwise called speech-to-text or voice recognition software.

This sees dictations made into clinical systems, Microsoft applications, and a host of other capabilities, appear as the user dictates them. Saving time on the need for transcription, and saving the user time by not having to type.

This is a step up from what Winscribe can do, and at Lexacom we have many clients who use both digital dictation and speech recognition, depending on what task they are aiming to complete. For example, adding notes to the patient’s EPR after consultation is done using speech recognition (Lexacom Echo), while a letter to be mailed to the patient is dictated for transcription by the secretarial team using digital dictation (Lexacom 3).

What are your transcription needs and resources?

With regards to transcription, what are your needs and resources? Do you have peaks and troughs in your output that impacts the secretarial team’s turnaround times? 

If so, have you considered using a transcription support service? This can be a short-term solution to cover staff absences or a very cost-effective long-term element. Either way, it should be able to provide a next business day turnaround, with UK-based, medically trained staff, using secure data transfers.

Need to replace Winscribe dictation – Lexacom is the answer

Lexacom is working with a range of organisations to help them smoothly transition from Winscribe to Lexacom, as their replacement digital dictation provider.

We can provide your organisation with the same service and a range of product solutions to meet your need to replace Winscribe dictation.

We also have unique solutions, such as Comprehension Engine®, which has been specifically developed to help address health literacy issues, while also aiding doctors and clinicians in their fast and accurate creation of notes and documents.

Digital Dictation

As a pioneer and market leader in digital dictation, Lexacom is well-equipped to provide you with a replacement for Winscribe. Further, as we continually innovate, we believe we can offer you improvements over your current Winscribe capability.

Lexacom 3 offers market-leading digital dictation for letters, notes, invoices, and reports. It is reliable, accurate, and scalable, plus with cloud and mobile options is flexible to meet the needs of today’s multisite and hybrid working patterns.

Transcription Support

Lexacom Scribe is our on-demand transcription support service. Providing fast, accurate and secure off-site dictation transcription support, for either ad-hoc, use it as you need support or ongoing part of the team support.

Fully integrated with Lexacom’s digital dictation system, Lexacom Scribe can be set up and running in just one day. Giving near-instant time savings to any and all secretarial teams.

Speech Recognition

Lexacom Echo speech-to-text software gives users more time to spend with patients by enabling them to speak, not type, their notes.

Fast, accurate, and easy to use for speeding up notes entry in EPR sytsems systems, ICB approved templates, including 2 Week Wait referrals, QOF, IIF and Ardens, patient communication platforms such as AccuRx, and across all Microsoft applications. Simply put the cursor where you want to type and start speaking. Lexacom Echo does all the rest.

Health Literacy capability

Lexacom Echo is now powered by Comprehension Engine®, Lexacom’s unique capability designed to help improve health literacy.

With no extra effort from a clinician, Comprehension Engine® uses an NHS-specific medical dictionary to recognise and define medical terms in plain English giving patients a better understanding of their conditions when viewing their notes in the NHS app.

Talk to our experts

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