Philips SpeechOne PSM6300 headset – a Lexacom Echo user’s review

PSM6300 Headset image of headset by itselfEarlier this year Lexacom was asked by one of our microphone suppliers for feedback on the Philips SpeechOne PSM6300 headset from a user of our medical speech recognition software, Lexacom Echo.

While the premium headset has received many good reviews, the supplier was keen to find out how the PSM6300 headset was rated by someone using the headset for medical speech recognition over several months of regular daily use, rather than a short-use technical review by a technology website.

Contacting one of the heavier users of Lexacom Echo, we provided them with the headset in January, and have been in regular contact on how they have been using the headset. That is, what results they have been getting and any observations they had on the day-to-day use of the headset.

Very impressed, it’s the best microphone I’ve used

Our Lexacom Echo user’s first comment on the PSM6300 headset was that it was the best microphone they had ever used.

The headset was much better quality in terms of accurately capturing what they said than anything they have used in the past. Which included a range of pro-microphones they had used over the years.

Additionally, they noted that by using a headset, rather than a handheld microphone, things became more straightforward, as they did not need to remember to hold the microphone correctly. While this was a minor point, it had significance when they were working in busy office areas where a range of everyday office distractions could divert their focus away from a handheld microphone, if only for a few seconds.

That all said, they did comment that the PSM6300 headset, which is a premium headset, was a more expensive solution than they had used in the past, so they had expected the quality to be better.

Benefits of using the airbridge dongle

A near-immediate piece of feedback from the Lexacom Echo user was that as they worked across several GP practices, and remotely from home, the docking station base unit was an inconvenience to have to carry around with them.

The solution was to provide the user with an airbridge dongle plugged into their laptop’s USB slot. This was much simpler to carry with them, making the use of the headset even easier. The improvement they experienced in ease of use was instant, and their feedback was that anyone looking to purchase the PSM6300 headset should include an airbridge dongle if they plan to use the headset at more than one location.

The Lexacom Echo user now only uses the base unit for charging the headset and has purchased a second airbridge dongle for those times “when I forget and leave the dongle at home by mistake”.

PSM6300 headset is a great product that can be used all day, every day

While our Lexacom Echo user typically uses Lexacom Echo for more than sixty minutes a day (approximately the equivalent of spending three hours typing), they also found the PSM6300 headset to be perfect for the Zoom and Teams calls they now find themselves on. This had the added benefit of meaning they didn’t need to carry a set of headphones for these calls. The PSM6300 headset replaced both their microphone for using Lexacom Echo and their headphones for Teams and Zoom calls.

One final observation on the quality of the PSM6300 headset comes from the user’s use of the headset in the Teams call which was the basis of this article. It was very noticeable that the sound quality from their side of the conversation, using the PSM6300 headset, was a lot better than from the Lexacom interviewer’s side, where they were using a ‘standard’ wired headset.

Conclusion: the PSM6300 headset is a great premium product

It’s a headset that is ideal for use with Lexacom Echo speech recognition software and as a replacement for office headsets for Zoom and Teams calls. This is especially so when using Lexacom Echo as a replacement for the keyboard, given its ability to type wherever you can place the cursor.

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The PSM6300 headset was supplied by one of our microphone suppliers, Speech Processing Solutions, free of charge as part of this user research and the Lexacom Echo user knew that they could keep the headset after the research was concluded.


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