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What does automatic coding mean?

Coding features: the headlines

Automatic coding is a new feature, unique to Lexacom Echo, where codes are recognised and added as you dictate notes into SystmOne.

It works intuitively; subjective and objective codes are added automatically, diagnostic and disease monitoring codes are triggered manually by saying “SNOMED…”  before the medical term.

Clinicians can talk naturally, as supplementary words are recognised and excluded from coding – for example the sentence “Patient drinks 8 units of alcohol per week”  inputs the following data into SystmOne: “Alcohol units per week (Ub173) 8 Units/Week”.


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What are the benefits of automatic coding?

Automatic coding: the benefits

When clinical information is correctly stored as codes as opposed to free text, the data is standardised and made incredibly useful to patients, clinicians, practices, and the whole NHS.

  • For patients, coding improves the quality of data recorded about their health.
  • For practices, patient care can be planned across multi-disciplinary teams and PCNs.
  • For the NHS as a whole, accurate population data is vital to plan health services and allocate resources.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of automatic coding is how much time it can save.

It used to take around 10 seconds to enter one code – but with Lexacom Echo this time has now been reduced to just 1 or 2 seconds. When you consider how many observations and conditions are coded by each healthcare professional each year, this innovation offers the potential to save a highly significant amount of time.


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When will this be released?

New release: automatic coding with Lexacom Echo medical speech recognition

Once your copy of Echo has updated to version 2.8.0, you will be able to dictate notes as normal, and watch relevant codes appear automatically, directly into SystmOne.

For users with EMIS Web and Vision, coding will be included in our next update.


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How to code live speech

Groundbreaking live coding

To code clinical information directly into SystmOne with Lexacom Echo, the process could not be simpler: make sure you’re in coding mode, dictate patient notes, and see codes appear throughout your dictation.

  1. Enter coding mode by pressing F2 on a microphone or Insert on a keyboard to scroll through modes, until the yellow tag icon appears
  2. Dictate notes as normal, for example: “The blood oxygen saturation was 98.”
  3. Relevant codes appear throughout dictations as spoken: “Blood oxygen saturation (X7708) 98 %”


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How to code existing notes

Code existing notes

As well as live speech, coding also works with existing text:

  1. Enter coding mode by pressing F2 on a microphone or Insert on a keyboard to scroll through modes, until the yellow tag icon appears
  2. Highlight a block of text, then press F3 on a microphone or Ctrl + Insert on a keyboard (Insert is the default hotkey)
  3. Relevant codes appear throughout the highlighted text


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Intuitive coding: how it works

Code intuitively with intelligent speech recognition: how it works

When we created this new feature, we ensured it would always enhance productivity; coding either automatically or manually as appropriate, and working in a natural way with your voice.

  • Coding is optional, and is only active in Coding mode, which can quickly be toggled on and off to suit
  • Dictate as normal, supplementary words like “the”, “was”, “and”, “his”, and “her” are recognised and excluded
  • For observations that are subjective and objective, codes are added automatically. Diagnostic and chronic disease monitoring codes must be manually triggered by saying “SNOMED…” or “Code…” beforehand


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Training and feedback

Training to code with Lexacom Echo

We want as many clinicians as possible to use Echo to save time and improve data quality.

If you need any assistance with our new features, please call 01295 236910 (option 3) or email helpdesk@lexacom.co.uk to arrange support and training.


Feedback on our groundbreaking new live coding feature

The launch of Echo version 2.8.0 is just the beginning of our coding abilities.

If you would like to code something that isn’t yet in our library, please email wishlist@lexacom.co.uk, and we can add it within 24 hours.


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