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Enhanced patient access – the challenges and benefits


Enhanced Patient Access – the challenges and benefits Enhanced patient access is part of the NHS long-term plan, all of which aims to serve the UK population with a better, more efficient, and more effective healthcare system. What is happening in the NHS is in line with similar developments around the world. And is a […]

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What is Outsourced Transcription?


What is Outsourced Transcription? From financial institutions and legal firms to universities and healthcare providers, many organisations require outsourced transcription services. Outsourcing transcription is a key component of an organisation’s strategy for sustainable growth. Furthermore, a high-quality transcription service will save you time, effort, and resources, while reducing the burden on HR.   So, what […]

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How Much Time Can You Save With Speech Recognition?


How To Save Time With Speech Recognition Software Humans have long wanted to speak to machines – or at least make them talk to us. As technology progressed, this dream became a reality in the form of speech recognition. Speech recognition software provides a convenient user interface for professionals based on the simple interaction between […]

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NHS Digitalisation – An Overview


NHS Digitalisation – An Overview NHS digitalisation has been a work in progress for over twenty years. In this post, Dr Simon Bentley, Lexacom’s ‘digital scout’, looks at elements of that background. Including, how it has both informed and led UK healthcare to where NHS digital transformation is today. From here he looks at the […]

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