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The Benefits of Digital Dictation in Healthcare


The Benefits of Digital Dictation in Healthcare Medical professionals have long been using voice recorders to document patient notes and dictate letters. To an extent, this process does save the medical professional a fair amount of time. However, the medical recordings and patient notes still need to be transcribed, filed, and uploaded onto a shareable […]

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How To Improve Workflow Efficiency


How to Improve Workflow Efficiency Improving workflow efficiency often comes down to process. What processes does your company have (or not have) in place that help you to streamline tasks? In this article, we’ll explore some systems and processes you can implement that will dramatically improve your workflow efficiency.   What Is Workflow Efficiency? Let’s […]

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Happy 21st Birthday to us!


Happy Birthday, Lexacom! Today we turn 21. How time flies when you’re busy conquering the world of digital dictation and speech recognition. For the past 21 years, Lexacom has led the way with cutting edge AI technology and cloud systems; from our core digital dictation software to a comprehensive suite of industry-leading workflow and document […]

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Introducing Lexacom Cabolo


Introducing Cabolo: a unique, portable, standalone unit incorporating the latest AI speech technology to transcribe any conversation. Cabolo is a brand new addition to Lexacom’s voice-to-text portfolio. It is a unique solution that records and transcribes any conversation with complete security, using the latest AI speech recognition technology. Delivered as a small, portable, standalone unit, […]

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