Code patient information automatically


Lexacom Echo is already the only speech recognition software able to convert medical phrases into shorthand for clinicians, and add definitions to medical terms for patients.

Now, clinicians can save even more time with another completely unique ability. Dictate notes naturally, and relevant codes appear as they are spoken, directly into SystmOne.

Add SNOMED codes to patient information as you speak

Add SNOMED codes as you speak, with our 2.8 update for SystmOne users.
For users with EMIS Web and Vision, coding
will be included in our next update.

Lexacom Echo medical speech recognition automatically coding patient information in SystmOne

Add SNOMED codes as you speak

Talk naturally, and watch as SNOMED codes appear live, as appropriate, throughout your dictations:

B A C K   T O   T O P

Highlight text and click to code it

Highlight a block of text, then press F3 on a microphone to see relevant codes appear throughout the text.

Highlight text and click to code it, with Lexacom Echo

B A C K   T O   T O P

Technology that works for you

When creating and developing our new feature with clinicians, we recognised that it needed to work in a natural way to suit daily use:

  • Coding is optional, and is only active in Coding mode
  • Dictate as normal, supplementary words like “the”, “was”, “and”, “his”, and “her” are recognised and excluded
  • For observations that are subjective and objective, codes are added automatically
  • Diagnostic and chronic disease monitoring codes must be manually triggered by saying “SNOMED…” or “Code…” beforehand
Testimonials for Lexacon Echo coding, from UK doctors

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Lexacom Echo medical speech recognition adding SNOMED codes as they are spoken in SystmOne