The ideal solution for all organisations looking to replace tape-based dictations

Built by professionals for professionals, we understand the importance of a seamless workflow, along with maximising resources and robust security. Our experience is derived from many years of dedication to understanding the needs of our clients.

We are proud to be able to say that we take the time to really get to know the needs of our users and are able to adapt our solutions so that they provide maximum benefit for minimum disruption.

With this approach in mind, we segment our clients into different areas of speciality at the earliest opportunity so that the right team is imparting knowledge and experience in the design of your solution.

With our easy-to-use workflow management, Lexacom helps you and your team work together, smarter, and is the ideal solution for organisations looking to replace traditional tape-based dictations.

Our Dictation and Transcription Sectors


Lexacom medical


Lexacom for Healthcare is designed to take the pain out of creating and managing the production of documents.

Improve efficiency, accuracy, and patient safety with Lexacom – The number one choice for digital dictation and document management services for healthcare professionals.

  • Specialists in clinical integration.
  • Speech recognition with medical specific UK dictionary.
  • Cloud technology available to support federated working.
  • Built to stringent NHS encryption standards.

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Lexacom Legal


Lexacom’s approach to our legal customers has always been to put them first.  We firmly believe in the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  That’s why, before every sentence, Lexacom has worked hard to make sure that our customers have been able to weigh up the evidence, not just listen to the spin.

  • Speech recognition with legal-specific UK dictionary.
  • Granular reporting and dashboarding functionality.
  • Dedicated mobile application.
  • Transparent approach to costs and additional features.

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Lexacom Professionals

Professional Dictation

Lexacom’s core workflow platform has many applications for the busy professional. 

From accountants to architects and executives to estate agents our configuration options are as diverse as our clients.

Dictate, create, dispatch on the move with Lexacom’s easy-to-use digital dictation and document management services – designed to make your life easier.

  • Speech recognition with business-specific UK dictionary.
  • Multi-site support available as standard.
  • Seamless integration with print to post services.
  • Fully-scalable technology, designed to grow as your business grows.

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