About Lexacom

Like all great companies, Lexacom was created to solve a problem. 

Working as a busy GP Partner in the 1990’s, our founder and MD,  Dr. Andrew Whiteley was constantly frustrated by the use of antiquated, unreliable tape-based dictation recording machines, for creating letters and patient referrals.

The numerous problems associated with this way of working got Andrew thinking that there must be a better way. 

Several weeks, and many late nights later, the first version of Lexacom’s digital dictation software was born. 

Designed to be used by everyone at his practice, even the most technophobic senior partner, the whole team quickly embraced the new technology and from that moment never looked back.

Word spread and inquiries started to flood in. As practices from increasingly further afield heard about the solution and wanted to use it themselves. 

At this point, Andrew and his close friend from Medical School, Dr. Matthew Tytherleigh, decided that Lexacom simply had to become a business.

Two decades, 4,000 customers, tens of thousands of users, three continents, and several versions of the software later, Lexacom is one of the most exciting software companies in the UK.

With Andrew as the Managing Director, and very much involved with the product development, Lexacom has stayed faithful to those early ideals of addressing the needs of the user, rather than creating a technological solution to a perceived problem.

Lexacom’s customers are passionate supporters of our user-friendly software and our inclusive approach to feature development. 

We are constantly evolving and refining the solutions we offer, in response to customer feedback.

Although our early foundation was in healthcare, Lexacom’s approach and ease of use has meant that our software has become a firm favourite with busy professionals. From lawyers to accountants, and from executives to estate agents.

Ultimately, because we take the time to understand our customers and the challenges they face, we are able to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the busy professional.

Lexacom is based in Banbury, Oxfordshire, and serves clients throughout the UK and Europe.

Through a number of forward-looking partners, Lexacom also distributes its software throughout the Middle East and the Australia-Pacific regions.

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