What Are The Benefits Of Voice Recognition Software?

The benefits of voice recognition software are that it provides a faster method of writing on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, without typing. You can speak into an external microphone, headset, or built-in microphone, and your words appear as text on the screen.

Many businesses and organisations are adopting this new way of working to improve their internal processes, increase productivity, and above all, save time.

Despite this, voice recognition is still relatively new, and many people remain sceptical about its benefits and how it can be used.


How does voice recognition software work?

Voice recognition software works by breaking down an audio recording into individual sounds. 

This technology then analyses each sound and uses an algorithm to find the most probable word fit for that sound. Finally, those sounds are transcribed into text.

Voice recognition systems often use AI-based natural language algorithms to predict the probability of all words in a language’s vocabulary. 

An industry-specific contextual layer is added to help correct any potential mistakes.

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Lexacom Echo: AI-powered professional-grade voice recognition

Lexacom Echo is a world-leading professional voice recognition software. It provides users with professional-grade natural language technology that supports profession-specific dictionaries. 

The profession-specific vocabularies for medical, legal, and business are fully integrated and updated regularly ensuring consistent accuracy.

Ultimately, Lexacom Echo reduces document creation times and admin workload, providing time savings for any busy workplace.

Woman using Lexacom Echo voice recognition software on smart phone


So, what are the benefits of voice recognition software?

Voice recognition software can provide a wide range of benefits across different industries, including healthcare, legal, and the professional sector.

Let’s take a look at the 5 main advantages that voice recognition can bring to your organisation.

Increased Productivity

Many organisatioms, such as those in the healthcare and legal sectors, can benefit from voice recognition.

A voice recognition system will often be used to support with task-management duties, such as setting up calls, scheduling meetings, and taking notes. 

With the development of voice recognition, it is now possible to capture speech much faster than you can type, which results in increased productivity.

It saves you time

One of the main advantages of voice recognition is that it will save your organisation precious time that can be used on more demanding tasks.

A modern voice recognition system will enable you to be much faster and more accurate with text outputs than you could be typing on a keyboard.

Furthermore, you can easily access digital dictation systems through mobile phones and other mobile devices, which makes it easier to use voice recognition technology in different business settings.

The software can spell with the same ability as any other writing tool

Voice recognition software can spell with the same ability as any other writing tool. 

Moreover, voice recognition software that uses sector or industry-specific vocabulary, such as Lexacom Echo, will increase the accuracy of your documents.

Common writing tools often don’t include specialist terminology for the healthcare and legal sectors, for example. 

Professional voice recognition software uses professional-grade natural language technology to ensure optimum accuracy.

You can use speech-to-text in real-time

Real-time speech-to-text is essential for industry sectors that need transcripts of conversations immediately.

In the healthcare sector, doctors can see more patients because they don’t have to spend time writing diagnoses. With real-time speech-to-text, a patient’s diagnosis is immediately created. 

Moreover, the data is digitally stored and immediately accessible to other doctors or practices.

Similarly, in the legal sector, lawyers can transcribe conversations with clients and witnesses immediately, which saves legal firms time and money, giving them more options for increased billing.

Helps those who have problems with speech or sight

As voice recognition requires only voice, it is an ideal option for people who have speech difficulties or visual impairments.

Voice recognition technology helps people who previously could either only complete administrative tasks at a slow pace or not at all.

In addition, using speech recognition software can help people with other disabilities, such as arthritis and hand tremors, which can worsen when typing continuously.

All in all, voice recognition will not only increase productivity in your business or organisation but also make your workplace more inclusive and accessible for employees with disabilities.

Trial Lexacom’s Voice Recognition Software, Lexacom Echo, for Free

Whether you are a doctor looking to create more time with patients, a solicitor wanting to complete more billable work, or another professional with another aim, voice recognition will help you achieve your goals.

If you would like to speak to one of our experts about demoing our voice recognition software, Lexacom Echo, simply fill out our contact form, and we will be in touch. 

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