How To Save Time With Speech Recognition Software

Humans have long wanted to speak to machines – or at least make them talk to us. As technology progressed, this dream became a reality in the form of speech recognition.

Speech recognition software provides a convenient user interface for professionals based on the simple interaction between the user’s voice and technology.

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So, what is speech recognition?

Speech recognition is a technology system that enables the recognition of spoken language into text by computers.

This technology is a crucial element of streamlining admin processes across key industries, such as healthcare, legal, accountancy, and other professional sectors. 

The main advantage of using speech recognition is that it saves you time. Speech recognition software can capture speech in real-time much faster than you can type. 

Ultimately, this results in increased productivity for both the user and your organisation as a whole.

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How much time can you save with speech recognition? 

Designed to reduce the burden of admin on busy administrators, Lexacom Echo makes use of the latest AI technology to ensure high levels of accuracy at all times. 

Lexacom Echo’s high accuracy allows you to save up to 80% of admin time. 

So, how much time can you save with a speech recognition system?

Lexacom Echo users create documents at an average speed of 160 words per minute. That’s three times faster than typing.

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The exact amount of time you can save with speech recognition software will depend on how much you type and how fast you do it.

The table below shows how much time you can save with speech recognition software based on how much time you spend typing.

Time Spent Typing Time Saved with a Speech Recognition Software
1 Hour 20 minutes
3 Hours 1 hour
5 Hours 1 hour and 40 minutes

These results show that you can save 20 minutes per every hour you would normally spend typing. If you spend an average of 3 hours typing each day, then you’ll save one hour every day with speech recognition software.

Saving one hour each day translates into hundreds of hours at the end of the year. The hundreds of hours saved with speech recognition software can be used on more demanding tasks.

Additionally, speech recognition saves you money, which can be reinvested in staff training, quality assurance, and other key business areas of your organisation.


Market-Leading Speech Recognition Software

Whether you are a doctor looking to create more time with patients, a solicitor wanting to complete more billable work, or another professional with another aim, speech recognition will help you achieve your goals.

Lexacom Echo is a secure, cloud-based speech recognition software with market-leading accuracy. 

The profession-specific vocabularies for medical, legal, and business are fully integrated and updated regularly ensuring consistent accuracy.

“Having worked with Lexacom Echo, I now wouldn’t want to be without it, as it saves me so much time”

Specialist Nurse, working in the North of England

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