Lexacom Scribe: a spare pair of hands at Sid Valley Practice

“We are a small team and we struggled if a member of the team was on holiday or off sick.”

  • Sue Harris, Sid Valley Practice, Sidmouth, Devon

Sid Valley Practice’s two centres, Sidmouth, Devon (Images: Google Images)

Lexacom Scribe: providing cover for holidays and sickness.

Sid Valley Practice, operating out of two centres in Sidmouth, Devon – The Beacon Medical Centre and Sidmouth Health Centre – has been using Lexacom Scribe since Autumn 2022 to support the secretarial team during staff holidays and other absences.

The need to support the small secretarial team at these times, in the rapid turnaround of GPs digital dictations, led to the practice management team to look for an outsourced dictation transcription service. One that provided a medically expert spare pair of hands. 

Lexacom Scribe came out as the best option.

Having used Lexacom 3 digital dictation since 2014, as well as Lexacom Connect since early 2021, the practice naturally considered Lexacom Scribe as an option for its outsourced transcription needs. The team also looked at other, competing outsourced dictation transcription services, but after diligent consideration and comparison, including pricing, decided their best option was Lexacom Scribe.

These findings and recommendations were taken to the Practice Partners, who agreed that Lexacom Scribe was the best option for the team and the practice.

“I have to say, Scribe has been a lifesaver”.

Since starting using Lexacom Scribe, the service has been described as “a lifesaver”.

The Sid Valley Practice team also expressed their thanks to Lexacom Helpdesk for its support in helping them learn how to best use Lexacom Scribe.

As Sue Harris in the Secretarial team commented:

“Due to illness/absence we have been using Scribe pretty much every day for the last three weeks. I have to say it has been a lifesaver. Especially as we have a small secretarial team here! We have had a few minor challenges (needing to recall a dictation due to various circumstances, being one) but as soon as I called through to Lexacom Helpdesk they were sorted with a minimum of fuss. I would like to say a big thank you to the helpdesk team. They have been very helpful as we’ve been learning how to best use Scribe.”


About Lexacom Scribe dictation transcription service

Lexacom Scribe is Lexacom’s dictation transcription service, offering secure, accurate transcriptions, with next-business-day returns.

It can be used as an on-demand, fully flexible, use-it-as-you-need-it service, for those times when the practice team needs a spare pair of hands, as at Sid Valley Practice.

Or as a full-time, always-on, service as at St. Luke’s Surgery in Guildford.

Fully integrated with Lexacom’s digital dictation system, Lexacom Scribe can be set up and running in just one day. Giving near-instant time savings to any and all busy practice management teams.

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