Lexacom Scribe: Part of the team at St. Luke’s

“We use Lexacom Scribe for all our GP dictations, other than the very urgent ones. It’s a real, time and cost-saving, benefit for the practice”

– Beth Gray, PA to Practice Manager, St. Luke’s Surgery, Guildford, Surrey

Lexacom Scribe dictation transcription service is a key part of the practice support team at St Luke's surgery (pictured) in Guildford

St Luke’s Surgery in Warren Road, Guildford (Image: Google Maps)

Lexacom Scribe: a way to save time and costs

St. Luke’s Surgery in Guildford, Surrey, has been using Lexacom’s dictation transcription service, Lexacom Scribe, for several years.

Using the service for all but the most urgent of transcriptions, the team at St. Luke’s submitted nearly six thousand minutes of transcriptions in 2022. Amounting to over half a million words, making Lexacom Scribe an important part of the practice management team.

With a history and association with Guildford dating back to the eighteenth century, St. Luke’s has been sited at the old St Luke’s hospital since 1996, with the addition of a significant extension and onsite pharmacy in 2006.

A team of eight General Practitioners, with a group of eight nurses and healthcare assistants, is supported by the practice management team, led by Dawn Brewer, St. Luke’s Practice Manager, and her team of eleven.

Beth Gray, PA to the Practice Manager, explained how the practice benefits from Lexacom Scribe: “We use it for all our GP dictations, other than the very urgent ones. It’s a real, time and cost-saving benefit, for the practice as the admin team does not spend time typing up the GPs’ letters. This frees them up to help the team in other ways”

Asked if she would recommend Lexacom Scribe to other GP Practices, Beth said “Yes, as it saves time and the cost of hiring another member of the admin & secretarial team.”

About Lexacom Scribe dictation transcription

Lexacom Scribe is Lexacom’s dictation transcription service, offering secure, accurate transcriptions, with next-business-day returns.

It can be used as a full-time, always-on, part of the team, service, like at St. Luke’s surgery. Or as an on-demand, fully flexible, use-it-as-you-need-it service, for those times when the practice team needs a spare pair of hands.

Fully integrated with Lexacom’s digital dictation system, Lexacom Scribe can be set up and running in just one day. Giving near-instant time savings to any and all busy practice management teams.

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