Best Practice

Be aware of your environment:
  • Always try to dictate in a quiet and secure location
Devices and Recording:
  • Try not to clip the recording, i.e., if you need to pause the audio, wait a moment before speaking again
  • Try not to hold the voice recorder too close or too far from your mouth (approx. 10-15cm away)
Style is everything, dictate:
  • Slowly e.g., clearly enunciating each word
  • Concisely e.g., short and functional
  • Precisely e.g., spelling out words that you know may cause problems, such as names, locations and
    postcodes (phonetically)
Support your team:
  • Specify your required punctuation and grammar
  • Dictate heading names when using a template to ensure everything is typed into the desired sections
  • Specify any recipients
  • Clearly indicate tasks or actions preceded with the phrase, “Note to Secretary”



As Lexacom has a direct link with your Clinical or Legal System, there is no need to stipulate unique identifiers.

Instead, ensure you are on the correct patient or customer record and use your Lexacom integration to connect the record to your dictation

  • Press the record button and wait a second before dictating.

If you need to give instruction to your administrative team:

  • Specify any recipients
  • Specify the format or template required

The audio file will be submitted to the transcription team securely and your subject’s data anonymised.

  • Press the record button and wait a second before dictating.

To allow administrators to validate the subject matter or the audio:

  • Dictate any unique identifiers, which for governance reasons should exclude the subject’s full name
  • Should the file relate to specific appointment or case, please reference this
  • Specify the document type should a specific template be required
  • List any recipients (their full name and the first line of their address)

To mitigate governance issues, press the EOL button on side of device after completing an audio file regarding one patient or client and before starting the next.


Should the dictation relate to a specific individual or case, then please include this in the “Reference” field. This will allow you administrative team to associate the file upon receipt

  • Press the record button and wait a second
  • Specify any recipients
  • Specify the format or template required

If you are using handsfree please test this first to guarantee clear audio capture

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