How To Register for Lexacom Scribe

Lexacom Scribe registration must be undertaken by the Lexacom Cloud Administrator.

As Lexacom Scribe is a pay-as-you-go service, payment is made by direct debit therefore your account details will be required as part of the registration process.

You will not be charged until the Scribe service is used.

  • Enter billing information – all fields are mandatory – and submit
    The email address used at this stage will receive registration confirmation later on
  • Click submit again to be taken to GoCardLess for Lexacom Scribe Direct Debit registration
    If you require two-signature sign off please select this option and a verification email will be sent by GoCardLess after the registration process.
  • Once submitted you will return to Lexacom Cloud
  • Lexacom Scribe now shows as active and an email has been sent to the email address used to register for the service


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