Best Practice London 2023 review

Lexacom’s Best Practice London 2023 review. The event was held on March 8 & 9 at Olympia. This was the first time the show had been run, with its well established sister show, Best Practice, being held in October at NEC Birmingham.

Lexacom attended Best Practice London 2023 with a stand near the centre of the show, and a main team of two people. Our co-founder and Managing Director, Dr. Andrew Whiteley, and our Head of Sales, Simon Brady.

So, what did Lexcom think of the show? What’s our review of Best Practice London 2023?

How did we find Best Practice London 2023?

It’s always a leap of faith when attending new trade shows and community events. Will it be as good as the organiser predicts? Will there be teething problems? Will people turn up? Should we wait to see how the first year goes? Etc.

While we had those thoughts about Best Practice London, Lexacom is very pleased we took the leap and invested in attending.

The first day was very busy, with our team meeting many visitors and taking them through demonstrations of Lexacom Echo and the incredible power of Comprehension Engine®. The second day, overall, was quieter, but that’s always the way with the last day at shows, although the morning until late lunch was still busy.

Closer Still Media, the organisers, in its review of Best Practice London 2023, has stated it had over 2,000 attendees from the general practice and primary care community. Which is a good turnout for a first-time show.

Additionally, the show worked from a technical aspect. Our stand worked well, standing out in the crowd, plus the supporting elements from the Olympia team, such as Wifi and power didn’t cause any issues or complications in our ability to showcase our medical speech-to-text software.

So, overall? Lexacom’s review of  Best Practice London 2023 is that it was a good show.

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What did Lexacom showcase at Best Practice London 2023?

Lexacom attended Best Practice London 2023 to showcase the very latest edition of our market-leading speech-to-text software, Lexacom Echo.

As we demonstrated, unlike other medical speech recognition solutions, Lexacom Echo requires no voice training, making it easy to set up and use, out of the box. Plus Echo has the unique ability to automatically add plain text explanations of medical terms as the clinician speaks or types them, thanks to Comprehension Engine®.

This makes Lexacom Echo a perfect tool for helping patients better understand the notes their GPs make about them, now that they can access those notes in the NHS app. In turn, this reduces the number of calls to the practice from patients looking for clarity, eliminates the need for the GP to adapt their established note-making approach, and overall helps further patient-doctor understanding and trust.

The reaction we got to Lexacom Echo and Comprehension Engine® was phenomenal. With everyone seeing it, from GPs, to clinicians, to practice managers saying “Wow!”, when they saw the demonstrator say a phrase like:

‘His dyspepsia started after the increase in his NSAIDS so I have started PPI for a trial period of two weeks full stop Review prn’

And Lexacom Echo wrote:

‘His dyspepsia (heartburn) started after the increase in his NSAIDS (anti-inflammatory medicine) so I have started PPI (medicine to reduce stomach acid) for a trial period of two weeks. Review prn (when needed)’

Automatic plain English explanations of medical terms, only available with Lexacom Echo medical speech recognition


One stand-out reaction came from a visitor who having had their demonstration, took their phone out, called their practice partners attending the show, and told them to come to the Lexacom stand straight away to get their own demonstrations. 

It doesn’t get much better than that. 

Request your own demonstration of Lexacom Echo and the amazing power of Comprehension Engine®

If you missed Best Practice London 2023

The organiser of Best Practice London 2023, Closer Still Media, now has a dual set of well-timed events for the primary care and general practice communities.

Previously, there was just Best Practice. An annual event at the NEC Birmingham, in the autumn (October). Hit by the pandemic in 2020 and 2021, this show made a tentative and largely successful comeback in 2022. But the basic problem of it being in the Midlands restricted its appeal to visitors from London and the Southern/South East counties.

With Best Practice London, Closer Still Media has answered a need from the primary care and general practice communities in the London area, for an easier-to-attend event, plus by having the event as a late winter/early spring one, they have positioned Best Practice London and Best Practice as being six months apart. Meaning that the community is either six months to the next event, after each event finishes.

It will be interesting to see how these two events work together. Will both events be sustainable? Or will, in say five years or so, there be a revision to just one event?

For the moment though, if you missed Best Practice London 2023, you can either wait a year for Best Pratice London 2024, or six months for Best Practice 2023, which is 11-12 October at NEC Birmingham.

Plus, you don’t need to wait for either if you want to find out more about Lexacom Echo.

Call us on 01296 236 910, email us, or use our contact form.

When and where is Best Practice London 2024?

Best Practice London 2024 will be on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th of February 2024, at Olympia London (National Hall). That’s slightly earlier in the year than Best Practice London 2023 was.

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