Lexacom Echo speech recognition now available with a perpetual licence

Following feedback from customers involved in NHS digital transformation projects, we are pleased to announce that our leading-edge, professional speech recognition software, Lexacom Echo, is now available for purchase with a perpetual licence and via subscription.

Onboard Lexacom Echo as CapEx

This addition gives customers the flexibility to gain the benefits of Lexacom Echo, including the unique capabilities of Comprehension Engine®, in a way that best suits their procurement and purchasing processes.

Get in touch to discuss purchasing options

Our expert team can answer your questions on acquiring Lexacom Echo with a perpetual licence or discuss the differences between a perpetual licence and a subscription licence. Allowing you to decide which is best for your organisation.

Call +44 (0)1295 236910, email sales@lexacom.co.uk, or use our contact form, to find out more.



What is a perpetual licence?

A perpetual licence is the original purchasing model for software. Organisations pay for their software licence up-front, having the right to then use it forever.

Why is Lexacom Echo now available with a perpetual licence?

We have returned to offering this model for Lexacom Echo after requests from a range of customers investing in digital healthcare technologies, as it fits their purchasing procedures under the DHSC capital funding guidelines.

That is, with a perpetual licence, these customers can onboard Lexacom Echo as a one-off, capital expenditure (CapEx), rather than as an ongoing revenue expenditure item.

These customers are working within the NHSX strategy guidelines for digitising health services. That is ‘Digitise, connect, transform’.



Lexacom Echo – medical automatic speech recognition

Lexacom Echo revolutionises professional-grade speech recognition, with its easy-to-use interface, and market-leading accuracy. Perfect for speeding up notes entry into all leading clinical systems and Microsoft Windows applications.

Empowering patients understanding

Lexacom Echo is powered by Comprehension Engine®. Lexacom’s unique capability that automatically explains complicated medical terms in plain English as the doctor dictates or writes the patient’s notes. This gives patients a better understanding of their conditions when viewing their notes in the NHS app.

Saving clinicians’ time

By spelling out in plain English what medical terms mean Lexacom Echo aids patient understanding, reduces their confusion and anxiety, and avoids follow-up calls which add to the burden on the practice team. Making it perfect for the Citizen Access/Patients records access program now being rolled out across NHS England.

Find out more

Call +44 (0)1295 236910, email sales@lexacom.co.uk, or use our contact form, to find out more.



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