What’s new in Lexacom Echo?


Ground-breaking innovation

The latest version of Lexacom Echo has been released, adding even more features to the leading medical speech recognition software

Lexacom’s Comprehension Engine®

Lexacom Echo is the only speech recognition software powered by Comprehension Engine®, Lexacom’s ground-breaking technology that Echo uses to help doctors and clinicians communicate with their patients by explaining medical terms in plain English.

Here’s how to use it

  1. Select the ‘Patient’ mode by pressing F2 on your microphone twice or press ‘Insert’ twice on the keyboard – the green patient speech bubble appears on the Echo interface.
  2. Now, when you speak, medical terms that often confuse or worry patients will be explained in plain English in brackets afterwards.

It’s that simple – it’s automatic!

With the Citizen Access Programme drawing ever nearer, now is the time to prepare for it and ensure that your patients understand what you have said about their care.

Try it today to see how easy it is to better inform your patients. Importantly – less worried patients will be less likely to contact you for clarification.

info If you say a word you think should be explained and Lexacom Echo does not offer one, please email wishlist@lexacom.co.uk to let us know and we will add it with the NHS approved definition.
Updates to Comprehension Engine® are instantly accessible to all users of Lexacom Echo without the need for an update. New features are being added all the time, so look out for future updates on our website, social media, or our emails to Lexacom Echo users.

New Commands

New commands have been added to the Lexacom Echo library of useful aids – with some of them just for a bit of fun. For example, saying ‘insert smiley face’ now adds the smiley face emoji 🙂, Use it when writing to colleagues or friends.
As always say ‘What can I say?’ to see a full list of all commands and text snippets that can be used to make tasks simpler and easier

Your Update

The latest version of Lexacom Echo is 2.7.3. Please get in touch if yours doesn’t automatically update to this.
You can find which version you are currently using by clicking on the Settings menu, then Help, and then About.

Did you know?

Lexacom Echo has an extensive range of commands for clinical systems and core products in healthcare. Did you know that you can add your own? Find out how

You can also insert blocks of text with a custom command to save repetitive typing. Why not create ‘insert work signature’ and ‘insert home signature’ for sending to patients and colleagues?

team You can set up commands and snippets for all members of your team to use.

And, of course, speech is entered directly into all leading clinical systems.



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If you have an idea you would like to see added to Lexacom’s products, let us know at wishlist@lexacom.co.uk – we read every idea and will let you know if we plan to include it