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Welcoming Alex Hurford, Transcription Extraordinaire.

Welcoming Alex Hurford, Transcription Extraordinaire.   When the Managing Director, Dr Andrew Whiteley offered me the opportunity to join the team and spearhead Lexacom Scribe, I agreed without hesitation.  I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to work for a progressive company that really understands its clients’ needs.  What really struck a chord with me was […]

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A word from Mark Baglow…

A word from Mark Baglow…   I have always been a fan of finding ways to make life easier, I have a passion for technology and am a keen advocate for speech recognition, knowing just what a tremendous impact it can have on not only your own productivity, but the efficiency of a busy team […]

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Introducing Lexacom Scribe.

Introducing Lexacom Scribe… Well, what a year it has been, we have had so many new and exciting things happen here at Lexacom, and I am pleased to tell you we have one more trick up our sleeve for 2018. One of our main aspirations as a company is to continue to improve our products […]

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Lexacom gets a new look.

Welcome to our new website! you may notice a few changes around here, worry not it is still the same Lexacom you have come to know, it is just time we had ourselves a little makeover. We have come a long way in our (nearly) 20 years, we wanted to establish ourselves as a mature […]

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