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Lexacom empowers patients’ understanding and saves NHS time.

Lexacom News about Echo 2.7


Lexacom Echo speech recognition software is now powered by Comprehension Engine®. A system that automatically explains complicated medical terms in plain English as the doctor dictates or writes patient notes.


Banbury, UK, 12 October 2022 – Lexacom, a leading supplier of speech-driven technology to the NHS, announced the launch of a unique development in medical speech recognition technology, with the addition of Comprehension Engine® to Lexacom Echo, its speech recognition software.

The imminent move toward patients being able to read their doctor’s notes on the NHS app creates a pressing need for patients to have a simpler and easier understanding of their health records. This adds to the burden on the NHS, as doctors will need to spend more time detailing and explaining their patients’ notes.

Comprehension Engine® reduces the need for doctors to spend more time on their notes by automatically spelling out in plain English what medical terms mean, as the doctor dictates or writes their notes.

An example:

The doctor, using Lexacom Echo, dictates in the patient’s notes:

“The patient was apyrexial with no evidence of cardiomegaly or hepatomegaly full stop”

Lexacom Echo writes, and the patient reads in the NHS app:

The patient was apyrexial (did not have a high temperature) with no evidence of cardiomegaly (enlarged heart) or hepatomegaly (enlarged liver).

Dr. Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director of Lexacom, said “Continuing our heritage of working to help reduce the burden on the NHS, Comprehension Engine® is the first in a range of innovations and new services we are introducing.” He added, “It reduces the need for doctors to spend time expanding the detail in their patient notes, while also helping reduce anxiety or confusion in patients reading medical terms they don’t comprehend.”

This unique enhancement to medical speech recognition capabilities is being made available to all existing medical users of Lexacom Echo as a free upgrade and will be included in all new medical purchases of Lexacom Echo licenses.

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