Lexacom 3 – Version Updates

Our Development Team are always working to keep Lexacom up-to-date. If a version update contains any information you need to be aware of it will be included in the notes below.

Your system will normally be updated automatically when new updates are made available, visit our guide How To Check The Latest Lexacom Version for further information.


SystmOne New API

SystmOne have released a new API which needs to be updated in your Lexacom system to continue integration. To enable integration, it is important to follow the steps in this short guide but contact the Lexacom Helpdesk if you encounter any technical problems.

Brand new Echo functionality

Our all new Echo speech recognition platform can now function seamlessly with Lexacom, to generate referrals with additional notes or fully transcribed dictations, using your voice rather than typing.

TLS 1.2 update

TLS has been updated in line with NHS Digital requirements.


.NET Framework Upgrade

To securely support updated TLS versions Lexacom 3 has been upgraded to use .NET Framework v4.7. Workstations running an up-to-date version of Windows 10 should include .NET 4.7. but where this is not present, PCs must be updated to support 3.14 usage.

Use Lexacom For Longer!

Lexacom now supports even longer audio recordings. If you use Lexacom to make lengthy dictations and want to optimise the length of your recordings contact the Lexacom Helpdesk to enhance your audio engine.


Working in partnership with Olympus Technical Support we have updated hardware drivers to v1.3.4 to ensure continued microphone and footpedal stability in Remote Desktop Service environments

Minor bug fixes have been included in this update – thanks for your feedback! If there’s anything else you would like to see in future versions of Lexacom email wishlist@lexacom.co.uk


Enhancements have been made to our audio engines to support the millions of dictations you are making in Lexacom and Lexacom Echo!

If you’re undergoing a Windows 10 update it’s now more secure than ever to configure PCs to the Cloud using Lexacom Connect. Contact Helpdesk@Lexacom.co.uk if your IT Team require any support with the Lexacom configuration on your site PCs.

Communications with the Lexacom Cloud and our app have been improved to optimise Lexacom Mobile operational speeds.

What else has Lexacom 3.12 got to offer?

Lexacom Connect – Multisite

Lexacom Connect can not only be used to store your data securely in the cloud, it can be used to share workflow across multiple sites. If you want to use Lexacom to work together with other practices, and even if you don’t share a network, contact Sales@Lexacom.co.uk

Improvements to password administration for all users

Password changes are now enforced for new Talk and Type users and Administrators will notice that the layout of the password fields have changed when creating new users.

Dispatch Controls

A new option has been added which allows Administrators to require Type Users confirmation before dispatching a dictation. Once enabled the option applies to all Type Users; there is no per-user override.

Talk User dispatch has been disabled but if you would like this to be enabled please contact Helpdesk@Lexacom.co.uk

Microtest Integration

Lexacom now integrates with the Microtest Evolution Clinical System! If you would like to use your Lexacom software hand in in hand with your Microtest system please contact Helpdesk@Lexacom.co.uk

Remember Me?

The Lexacom log in window has been updated to remember the credentials last used to log in. When you next log in, select “Remember Me” to avoid adding the same credentials next time, and the next…

Olympus RecMic II Series

Lexacom 3 now supports Olympus’ new range of RecMic II devices. Drivers have been updated to support new Olympus RM devices but will continue to support customers who are using old Olympus microphones. Refer to our Hardware Compatibility List for further information.

Document Templates

Lexacom 3 now allows users to merge Clinical System data into document templates during transcription. Full configuration and template editing functionality are also available.

Dictation Alerts

If a Talk user has one or more Held or In Review dictations assigned, a popup alert will appear in the bottom-right hand corner of the screen. The popup alert refreshes every five minutes. Unless closed, the popup remains on screen until the next refresh.

Lexacom Type Notes and Attachments

Typist notes can now be shared using the Dictation Viewer form. Each comment is separated by a header outlining the date/time and the user who entered the comment.

Furthermore, supporting documents and images can be attached to a dictation by the Talk user to  be viewed by Type users using the Dictation Viewer.

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