The “Return To” function in Lexacom determines where a dictation is returned to if further action is required before Dispatch.

These preferences must be set in Talk user settings by Lexacom Administrator and decides where a dictation will go after it has been transcribed by Lexacom Scribe and returned by the service

Most sites using Lexacom Scribe prefer for returned dictations to go back to their Typing Pool rather than the Author (Talk user) who sent the dictation. The below example shows how to do this in bulk for existing users, but can also be applied to other Return To preferences.

If you are setting up brand new Lexacom users, you can set their Lexacom Scribe Return To settings individually using this guide.

  • Log in to Lexacom Administrator
  • Go to  > Settings > Bulk User Permissions > Return To Service Permissions
  • Talk Users > Select all Talk users whose dictations are sent to Lexacom Scribe
  • Services > Select the Default service and change to your preferred Typing Pool.
    • When sending to Lexacom Scribe this is the location where the dictations will be returned after being transcribed by the service.
    • In the boxes beneath, you also have the option tick the checkboxes for each service that you would like as an optional service for the Talk users.
    • If dictations have been sent to Lexacom Scribe with a different Return To location (before these settings were updated) these dictations will return to their original location
    • If the Talk user selects a different Return To location at the point of making a dictation it will be returned to this location by Lexacom Scribe (if you are trying to locate a Lexacom Scribe dictation it can be found in Administrator Tracking)
  • Click Apply


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