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How Much Time Can You Save With Speech Recognition?


How To Save Time With Speech Recognition Software Humans have long wanted to speak to machines – or at least make them talk to us. As technology progressed, this dream became a reality in the form of speech recognition. Speech recognition software provides a convenient user interface for professionals based on the simple interaction between […]

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NHS Digitalisation – An Overview


NHS Digitalisation – An Overview NHS digitalisation has been a work in progress for over twenty years. In this post, Dr Simon Bentley, Lexacom’s ‘digital scout’, looks at elements of that background. Including, how it has both informed and led UK healthcare to where NHS digital transformation is today. From here he looks at the […]

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How Does Speech Recognition Work?


How Does Speech Recognition Work?  Speech recognition software has come a long way since its first inception in the 1950s. Back then, this technology could only understand up to 16 words, including the digits 0 to 9.  Now, we use speech recognition technology in our everyday lives, with an increasing amount of people using assistants […]

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Introduction to our series on the Digitalisation of Health


The Digitalisation of Health – an introduction Dr. Simon Bentley, Lexacom’s CSO, will be writing a series of blog posts about the ongoing digital transformation of the NHS, under the broad topic of ‘Digitalisation of Health’ This follows on from his attendance at a recent NHS Digital Taster Day and reflects his role as Lexacom’s […]

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