How To Create a Command – Custom Keyboard Shortcut

Custom commands can be created for emulating key presses. This can be used to create shortcuts and to carry out actions within programs.

  1. Log into – this can be easily reached by clicking the cog on the top left of Echo and choosing ‘Account Administration’
  2. Click the Personal Echo Commands button in the left column of the page. You may need to click on the icon in the top right of the page and choose ‘My Account’ for this to be visible. If this option does not appear, press Ctrl + F5 to do a full refresh of the page
  3. In the top left, there is a dropdown menu which will initially say ‘Default’. If you wish to create a keyboard shortcut for EMIS Web, SystmOne, or Microsoft Outlook – ensure that the correct option is selected. For all other programs, leave the option on ‘Default’.
  4. Click the plus icon on the right to add a new custom command and enter the details.
    • Type: choose Keyboard Shortcut. This should be selected by default
    • Description: this will be displayed in the ‘What can I say?’ menu. It is purely for your reference
    • Spoken Phrase: the word or phrase you will say to activate the command, such as ‘paste that’
    • Actions: allows you to Save or Cancel creating the command

Each command must have a unique Spoken Phrase

  1. Click Edit Shortcuts to create the sequence of key presses you want Echo to carry out
  2. Click Add Row and then Add. Press the first key you want the command to press.
    • If you want Echo to press multiple keys at the same time, click ‘Add’ and press the next key. In the example below, we have created a command that will first press Ctrl and V simultaneously.
    • To create a sequence of consecutive key presses, click ‘Add row’ and press the next key in the sequence. In the example below, Echo will press Ctrl and V together, and it will then press Enter.

7.Click Save in the lower right corner of the window.

8. Click the Tick under Actions to save the command

Your command will then appear in the list and more commands can be created if needed. When you are done click the Green Save button

You can edit or delete existing commands by clicking the Edit All button next to the Add button

Before you can use new commands, you must switch on the microphone in Echo and say ‘update commands’. Commands will also update when Echo is launched. You can then say the Spoken Phrase you chose, and Echo will execute that command.

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