Southern GP Federation Support Unit Practice Managers Conference 2023

Southern GP Federation Support Unit is holding its 2023 Practice Managers conference on April 25. Lexacom is very flattered to have been invited to attend and is proud to be a supporting sponsor of the event.

The conference is the first of what is planned to be an annual event. One that brings together Practice Managers from the seventy-two GP practices in the Southern GP Federation Support Unit’s area.

It is being held on Tuesday, April 25, 2023, at Edenmore House, County Down.


The Southern GP Federation Support Unit

Southern GP Federation Support Unit LogoGP Federations were established in Northern Ireland by GPs to support General Practice and the transformation plans for health and social care in the primary care sector.

There are three GP Federations in the Southern area: Armagh & Dungannon, Craigavon GP Federation, and Newry & District GP Federation. Each of these federations was established as a clinically led not-for-profit Community Interest Company.  By pooling their resources and working at scale, they are able to provide services that could not be delivered at the individual practice level.

Combined the Southern GP Federation supports seventy-two GP Practices and a patient population of around 425,000.

Southern GP Federation Support Unit coverage area

The Southern Federation Support Unit (SFSU) was designed and established to provide the Federations with support, advice, and expertise in service provision.

SFSU functions include central management expertise, planning, accounting, communication, corporate governance, human resources, and the delivery of a full range of services on behalf of Federations.

The ultimate goal of SFSU is to ensure that clinicians are free to focus on providing the best clinical care and outcomes for their patients.

The 2023 Practice Managers Conference

The 2023 SFSU Practice Managers conference aims to bring together Practice Managers from all seventy-two of the Southern GP Federation’s practices.

Collectively they have shaped the agenda for the conference, giving it a focus that will allow them to get the most from the day.

Agenda topics include HR management and recruitment insights, food & nutrition advice, menopause support, Federation updates, and the PICRT (Practice Improvement and Crisis Response Team, which supports practices in developing and implementing practice recovery plans (a topic we explored in our article about Continuity Planning). There will also be an open forum to discuss what is working and what is not working. This is an important agenda item in helping build trust and respect among the members of the SFSU’s area.

As the conference organiser, and SFSU Project Manager, Patrice McGinn said “The practices and the Practice Managers have dealt with a lot over the last few years. The pressure is set to continue, so this conference will give them useful information, a safe forum to share and discuss issues, network with colleagues from other practices, and time away from the practice, allowing them to take a step back from the day to day, whilst also enjoying a change of scenery.”

What will Lexacom be showcasing at Southern GP Federation Support Unit PM conference 2023?

Lexacom’s Managing Director and co-founder Andrew Whiteley is attending the conference.

He will be showcasing Lexacom’s market-leading, time-saving, software for digital dictation and speech recognition, plus our related services to support the hybrid/multi-site working practices that many practices now use.

He’ll also be demonstrating the unique capability Lexacom deliverers, through Comprehension Engine® and Lexacom Echo, to improve patient health literacy, and thereby help deliver better health outcomes.