Lexacom Connect: helps DCHS increase efficiency

Lexacom Connect helps with Derbyshire Community Health Services (DCHS) decision to switch to digital dictation.

The NHS Trust was looking for a more sophisticated product – something that would do more than simply replace its old fashioned tapes based dictation system.

Operating across ten sites, with multiple teams of medical secretaries

Operating across ten sites, the Trust provides three main treatment types – physiotherapy, podiatry, and consultant outpatient-led services.

Each service has its own team of medical secretaries.

Lexacom Connect helps provide a better more cost-effective solution

The Trust’s IT team reviewed various solutions.

Following careful assessment, Lexacom was selected, having demonstrated that we could provide a better and more cost-effective solution.

We proposed Lexacom Connect – our secure, cloud-based software which is ideally suited for multi-site environments such as DCHS.

Lexacom Connect allows the Trust to create documents quickly and efficiently, as well as share workload and admin resources across sites and disciplines.

Carol Aulton, Outpatient and Health Record Manager, DCHS, said:

“Our secretaries, consultants and ultimately, our patients, are benefiting from the new system. Recordings are easy to edit, the sound quality is very clear and the Lexacom system provides additional security and traceability for all dictations and resulting documents.”

Multi-site workload sharing thanks to Lexacom Connect

Multi-site workload sharing has been particularly helpful in enabling the Trust to meet referral targets, even when staff is absent.

“Lexacom has certainly improved our ability to meet targets. If a medical secretary is off sick at a particular site and they get behind with typing targets, we can easily enable secretaries from another site to type letters remotely.” Carol added.

Smooth implementation and excellent ongoing support from Lexacom

Implementation has been smooth. Trained Lexacom engineers installed the software and provided introductory training, while some Trust staff were trained as ‘Superusers’ to assist with the ongoing rollout on site.

The Trust also has access to Lexacom’s technical support desk. Once the Trust has completed the rollout of the clinical system, SystmOne, to all consultants, the team will benefit further from full integration between Lexacom and SystmOne. This will minimise the risk of errors and speed up referral processing times even further.

“Lexacom has certainly improved our ability to meet targets”.

– Carol Aulton, Outpatient and Health Record Manager

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