The Digitalisation of Health – an introduction

Dr. Simon Bentley, Lexacom’s CSO, will be writing a series of blog posts about the ongoing digital transformation of the NHS, under the broad topic of ‘Digitalisation of Health’

This follows on from his attendance at a recent NHS Digital Taster Day and reflects his role as Lexacom’s ‘digital-scout’.

As the leading supplier in its niche, Lexacom is evolving to support the NHS in its digitalisation of health. Simon is at the forefront of this work and will be sharing his experiences both from his role with Lexacom and as a practicing GP in a busy primary care practice.

Healthcare workers discussing the digitalisation of health


Digitalisation of Health – a personal view of its breadth

Discussing the topic, Simon initially thought he’d confine this series to the NHS.

However, with the restructure of the NHS and Health and Social care. Plus, the WHO definition of health as: ‘the state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.’ Simon has decided to cast the net wider and will be covering the digitalisation of health in all its guises, as he encounters it, in England.

As he said “There is a huge amount of information out there. And delivering the subject via a series of blogs feels a bit like trying to break down Tolstoy’s War and Peace into a massive series of tweets.”

“That said, I, like Lexacom, relish a challenge and am very mindful that everything we do here should be accessible, suitable, and appropriate for all. So, these blogs will be no exception.”

Subjects we plan to cover on the digitalisation of health

While the subject is broad in its scope and detail, some of the key subjects we’ll be covering are:

  • The role out of the NHS app, who can use it? Is it any good?
  • How and where has COVID-19 accelerated the digitalisation of health?
  • Issues and dilemmas around digital inclusion and exclusion.
  • What are the potential upsides and downsides of digitalising health?
  • Big data – big benefits and big problems?
  • What data security safeguards and assurances are needed?
  • What does it really mean for us, our friends and family as well as the health services?
  • Are changes in attitude and culture as important as the changes in technology?
  • Will it mean a path of constant tech upgrades to just stand still?
  • What skill sets will Primary care management teams need?

Of course, if there is an area of digitalising health you would like Simon to cover or drill down into, please do get in contact.

Where can I find out about the NHS digital transformation program?

If you would like to research the topic first-hand, here are three websites that cover the digitation of the NHS:

Digital Transformation – NHS Long Term Plan

Digital Transformation – NHS England

Our strategy to digitise, connect and transform – NHSX

NHS digitalisation – What is Lexacom doing?

At Lexacom we very much see our role as supporting Primary Care practices, and other elements of the NHS, in their understanding and moves to digitalisation.

As a leading supplier of digital dictation and speech recognition capabilities. Lexacom is also, by default, a specialist in digital data management. With this we believe we can both help and advise on what to do.

If by doing so, we help Practice Management teams save time. Make things a little clearer or simpler for them. Then we will have honoured the spirit of what Lexacom is all about: Making the best use of that most precious resource – time.  

So, please check back for further posts in this series.

Finally, if you would like to follow Dr. Bentley on Linked In, he can be found here.