Yaxley Group Practice Switches to Lexacom Digital Dictation

Busy Peterborough GP surgery, the Yaxley Group Practice, has switched to Lexacom Digital Dictation having been particularly impressed by the software’s ease of use. Lexacom Digital Dictation is now being used by nearly 20 clinicians and secretaries at the practice.

Having switched from analogue tapes to a digital dictation supplier some time ago, the Yaxley Group had seen some improvements in efficiency but wanted software that would integrate with Vision, their clinical system.

Lexacom integrates fully with Vision, meaning patient data can easily be pulled from Vision into dictations as needed, saving time and minimising the potential for errors.

In addition, the secretarial team at the Yaxley practice has been delighted with the improvement in sound quality with the Lexacom system, making transcribing documents event more accurate and efficient.

“I am particularly impressed with how easy and intuitive Lexacom Digital Dictation is to use. Like many organisations, we have people working here with varying degrees of computer literacy but they have all found Lexacom very easy to work with,” commented Dr Peresh Gela, practice partner and IT lead.

Customer service also played a role in the group’s decision to switch: “The training we received was excellent and the Lexacom team worked hard to make the transition as easy as possible, without us needing to invest in new hardware. Switching from BigHand to Lexacom was straightforward as a result,” Dr Gela continued.

Lexacom Managing Director, Dr Andrew Whiteley, said

“we are delighted to welcome the Yaxley Group Practice as clients. It is always great to hear that our software is easy to use. Lexacom digital dictation software was specifically designed to make dictation as quick, easy and reliable as possible so that doctors can spend more time caring for their patients.”

For further information about Lexacom, visit www.lexacom.co.uk or follow @LexacomDictate on Twitter.