The preferred choice of GPs – Lexacom receives stamp of approval

Following consistently positive feedback from GP practices and the introduction of new features, Lexacom has been re-appointed the approved supplier of digital dictation and workflow software by the LMC Buying Groups Federation for the fourth year running.

The LMC Buying Groups Federation, which represents over 50% of GP practices in the UK, is a strong advocate of digital dictation software being used in a medical environment to reduce document turnaround times, increase efficiency and improve patient care. The Federation has continued to be impressed with Lexacom’s service and value for money, which is why it has extended its support for the software for a further two years. The new contract runs from 1st April 2014 – 31 March 2016.

Chief Negotiator for the LMC Buying Groups Federation, Chris Locke, said: “Lexacom has proved to be extremely popular with our members, particularly with enhancements such as clinical integration and mobile dictation. We are delighted to be able to renew our endorsement of Lexacom for a further two years. Our ongoing relationship means LMC Buying Groups Federation members can continue to benefit from an exclusive deal on this popular product which has been proven to improve efficiency and speed up referral times.”

Lexacom was developed by doctors to meet the particular needs of the medical sector and is the onlydigital dictation software approved by EMIS, Vision and SystemOne. Lexacom enables practices to quickly and accurately record, transcribe and dispatch referral letters and other correspondence. As well as integration with leading clinical systems, optional voice recognition and advanced reporting features, Lexacom offers mobile dictation using secure, encrypted Cloud technology, allowing doctors to record, track and approve dictations anytime, anywhere.

Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director of Lexacom, said:

“This is fantastic news for Lexacom. We are really pleased to continue to work with the LMC Buying Groups Federation and to be able to offer its members an excellent deal on our services. We’ve had been a really busy start to 2014 and look forward to building on this success with the ongoing support of the LMC Buying Groups Federation.”

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About Lexacom  Lexacom’s digital dictation software enables doctors and other clinicians to quickly and easily record and prioritise accurate dictations for instant dispatch to their secretary for transcription. Secretaries benefit from high quality sound recording and can manage their workload more effectively, knowing instantly which dictations are urgent or routine.

Lexacom’s latest software, Lexacom 3, offers a host of new features including reporting functions which enable referrals to be tracked and audited, and secure mobile working so dictations can be done anytime, anywhere – even while on home visits or ward rounds.

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About the LMC Buying Groups Federation  The LMC Buying Groups Federation is made up of 41 LMC Buying Groups from across England and Wales and its 5,300-strong membership represents over half of the total number of GP practices in the UK. The Federation first appointed Lexacom as its approved digital dictation software supplier in 2011.