The Hall Practice switch to Lexacom Echo to tailor their workflow

The Hall Practice has appointed leading digital dictation provider Lexacom, to deliver a tailored document creation solution using Lexacom 3 and Lexacom Echo, to suits all their team’s workflow needs.

The Hall Practice have always used digital dictation for the creation of their documents and until recently this process worked well.  As demands in workload grew, they decided it was time to seek a new way to manage their dictation workflow more efficiently, allowing the secretarial team to focus on a wider range of tasks.

The Practice Manager Cathy Slattery,  explained,

“We wanted something that was easy for secretaries to use and to eliminate the danger of the dictations going missing. In addition we wanted a system which that would reduce the time spent on typing. The secretaries at the practice don’t just type, they carry out all tasks associated with their GP, so to reduce their workload in one particular area was the main objective”.

One of the GPs from The Hall Practice had been recommended to try Lexacom 3 digital dictation and during the demonstration, discovered they would also be able to use Lexacom Echo Speech Recognition software which is an integral part of Lexacom 3.  This would offer them the ideal solution providing a service that would reduce time spent on typing.

During a trial of using Lexacom 3 and Lexacom Echo, the GPs were able to decide which option of Lexacom Echo would suit their needs. Four of the GPs chose the deferred option which they use on a daily basis to dictate, and the software will then transcribe and send it to the typing pool and one GP chose to use Echo Live, creating and dictating into document templates directly, using their voice onl

“Speech Recognition was the main option we were looking for and it was ideal that it could be tailored to the way GPs wanted to use it. We really love Lexacom Echo for the speed and accuracy it provides and using the hand held Olympus hardware means the recordings are very clear. For us being able to integrate our clinical system EMIS Web with the Lexacom 3 software ensures the safety of our patients as we are imputing their data accurately within every dictation. The Lexacom 3 software is user-friendly and ideal for “non-typists” allowing other members of staff to help when needed”.

Lexacom 3 and Lexacom Echo has benefited The Hall Practice in improving their workflow efficiency whilst creating more accurate documents, thus saving time.  With the use of Lexacom 3’s tracking system, the GPs can see which dictations are complete and which are outstanding and The Practice Manager’s team can see when dictations are ready for typing and when they need to help out a fellow colleague to clear their workload.

Cathy Slattery confirmed that they had made the best choice and would be recommending Lexacom to other practices. “Using Lexacom 3 and Lexacom Echo is excellent and completely suits all our document creation needs”.

Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director at Lexacom commented:

“We are delighted to be working with The Hall Practice providing both Lexacom 3 digital dictation and Lexacom Echo Speech Recognition software for their GPs and Support team.  The Hall Practice are just one example of how the Lexacom products can be tailored to suit their team, ensuring they can work much more efficiently, creating more accurate documents”.