Ten out of ten for Lexacom Legal

The last ten laws firms to consider Lexacom as an alternative to a competitor have all chosen Lexacom’s digital dictation, voice recognition and workflow system.

When being compared against other suppliers, law firms are increasingly moving to Lexacom as their provider of choice. Price, customer service, flexibility and the ease of use of the software are among the reasons more law firms are switching to Lexacom.

The news comes at an exciting time for Lexacom as they continue to expand into new markets, both in the UK and overseas. Dr Andrew Whiteley, Managing Director of Lexacom said: “Lexacom is an established name in the medical sector and we are now seeing a rapid increase in demand from law firms for our flexible and cost effective solution.

“We have ambitious expansion plans for the year ahead, and we look forward to working with more law firms to help them improve efficiency, client service and profitability,” he added.

If you are looking to switch to digital dictation, or if your current contract is coming up for renewal, speak to Lexacom about what they can offer by emailing sales@lexacom.co.uk or calling 01295 236 910. Alternatively, come and meet the team at one of the events they are sponsoring this Autumn, including:

London Law Expo, Old Billingsgate – 24 OctoberThe Solicitors Group, Manchester – 29-30 October