Swineshead Medical Group make the switch to Talk and Type

A GP practice in Lincolnshire has said Lexacom’s Talk & Type® software has “revolutionised” its workflow management systems.

The Swineshead Medical Group has just switched to Talk & Type® digital dictation technology after battling with a cumbersome analogue dictation system for many years.

Talk & Type® software and hardware has been installed in eight consulting rooms at the practice and on the computers that are used by its transcription secretaries.

Practice Manager, Suzanne Baxter, said: “When we were about to reach the end of our free software trial, we sent an e-mail to all of the doctors to gauge their feelings on it. The response was ‘please don’t take it away’ and ‘it’s absolutely marvellous”.

The practice was keen to test the market when it was looking to switch to new dictation equipment and received product demonstrations from Lexacom and another competitor.

However, the Lexacom Talk & Type® software was a clear favourite for Suzanne and her team.

She added: “It’s fair to say that the Lexacom system has revolutionised things for us and really changed the way we all work – for the better. I haven’t had any bad comments from anyone in the practice and that’s testament to the ease with which the system has slotted into our working environment.”