Enter Login Details

To log into Lexacom, enter your Username and Password in the appropriate boxes and click Login. If you do not know, or have forgotten your credentials, speak to your Lexacom Administrator.

Licensing Details

The Licensing Details show the name of your registered Lexacom platform

Server Details

The Server Details show where your Lexacom Database is held

Dictations tab

The Dictations tab shows the Dictations Grid with the user’s currently active dictations:

  • Dictations sent or returned to Typing Pools of which the user is a member
  • Dictations sent or returned to the user individually
  • Dictations that have been ejected by the user

Dictations can be opened by selecting and double clicking the required dictation.

Tracking tab

The Tracking tab shows the Tracking Grid with the user’s past dictations

Load Button

The Load Button is used to load the currently selected dictation. Dictations may also be loaded by double-clicking on the selected dictation.

Dispatch Button

The Dispatch button is used to mark the currently selected dictation as complete (Dispatched) without loading the dictation. This option is only available if the dictation has been Returned To and Approved By the original author.

History Button

The History button is used to display the history of the currently selected dictation.

Forward Button

The Forward button is used to forward the currently selected dictation to a different user, pool or service.

Locate Button

The Locate button is used to check for the presence of the audio file on the server

Export Button

The Export button is used to export the current grid view into a number of formats including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Refresh Button

The Refresh button is used to refresh the contents of the Dictation grid to update any changes. Lexacom Type does also refresh the grid automatically at intervals

Toggle always on top Button

This button is used to control where Dictation grid appears on your desktop.
If the push-pin is toggled down ( ) your dictation grid will always be on top of other windows.

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Service status

13/05/2024 16:02
A recording issue has been identified within Echo. Our engineers are working on a solution as quickly as possible.

14/05/2024 09:16
The Echo issue identified yesterday has been resolved.

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