To support the schedule of training sessions, we have recorded training for you to watch any time you like. These sessions cover the same areas addressed in the live training, and allow you to start using Lexacom 3 as soon as it is installed.

Lexacom 3 – Talk User

For those users that record the dictations

Lexacom 3 – Type User

For those users that transcribe the dictations

Lexacom 3 – Administrator

For those users that manage the system

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Service status

21/06/2024 10:16
We are continuing to investigate this issue with Microsoft as quickly as possible.

21/06/2024 10:14
Microsoft have reported this error to be resolved, however our monitoring shows that it is still unresolved at some sites.

19/06/2024 16:50
The connection timeout error has been identified as a Microsoft issue, and escalated to them with the highest priority.

17/06/2024 09:23
A small number of sites have reported a connection timeout error with the Connect server, we are troubleshooting and investigating.

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