How To Update Echo

Downloading the Echo 2 installer

Navigate to and log in. These are the same details which you use to log into
Echo 2.

Click the Echo for Windows link under My Applications. You can log back in at any time to download
the installer again as necessary.

Installing Echo 2

Important note on installing for multiple users and PCs

When Echo 2 is installed it is only available for the user who is currently logged into Windows.
If another user wishes to use Echo 2 on the same PC, they will also have to download and install it.
Likewise, if you move to a different PC you will have to download and install it there as well. If there is a requirement to install Echo for all users on a particular workstation, please contact the Lexacom Helpdesk in the first instance.

Once the download is complete, double click the installer called Echo Setup v2.2.0. Make sure you
are running the newly downloaded file and not an old copy from when it was last installed.

If Windows Defender Attempts to block install go to More Info > Run Anyway

A window will appear. Check the license agreement box and click Install.

You will have a notification when installation is complete.
Click Finish to load the application. Keep Launch Application ticked if you want Echo 2 to open

See the Echo 2 User Guide for instructions on how to log in and use Echo 2.

Microphone – Echo 2 will use the default microphone on the machine. If it is a laptop, the webcam mic may pick up audio. Make sure the desired device is plugged in before opening Echo 2

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