Your Lexacom system requires a connection to our licensing server in order remain active. If there is a problem with this connection Lexacom grants a grace period of 8 days before deactivation takes place.

If you have received the “Unable to Connect to License Server for 8 Days” there a 3 potential causes and resolutions to avoid deactivation –

1. A firewall or gateway is blocking your Lexacom system from communicating with the License Server

Lexacom needs to be able to communicate to our web based licensing server at least once every 8 days to ensure that you are using the correct number of licenses.  Access to the license server requires the following URL and ports to be opened in your firewall and/or gateway.

Licensing Service

  • Port 443

Update Service

  • Port 80
2. The Administrator Lexacom Cloud Account password has been changed but not updated in your Lexacom system

When Lexacom is installed a Lexacom Cloud account is created for the site using a unique email and secure password, this is the Administrator Cloud account and can be accessed using the email/password credentials created at the point of install.This connects your Lexacom system to the Licensing Server therefore a new password must be updated in your Lexacom system.To update the new Cloud Password in your Lexacom system

  • Log into Lexacom as the Administrator
  • Go to [Menu] > Product Registration
  • Click on the ‘Connect to a Group’ tab
  • Enter the updated Group Password
  • Click ‘Validate’

If you need to change the password again refer to How To Change Your Lexacom Cloud Password

3. This is a brand new Lexacom site installation but you haven’t created a Licensing Group to communicate with the Licensing Server

To create a licensing group you will need to register Lexacom.

  • Log into Lexacom as the Administrator
  • Go to [Menu] > Product Registration
  • In the new window that opens, click the “Create a new Group” tab

    Group Name: Enter in the name of the site and the postcode.
    Group Password: Enter in a password to authenticate the installation. It must contain a minimum of six characters, and include one number and one symbol.
    Administrator’s Email Address: Enter in an email address to validate the group. Three emails will be sent to this address during the registration process, so you will need to ensure there is access to the account at that time. Most sites use a Manager’s email address.
    Re-enter Email Address: Re-enter the administrator’s email address to ensure no typing mistakes have been made.
    Sales Manager: Please leave this blank.
  • Click ‘Create’:
  • At this point, the administrator will receive three emails:
  • The first email is to ensure the email address that has been entered is valid
  • The second email activates your group on the license server
  • The third email contains your group license code

Once you have completed the process to create a registration group you will need to apply those registration details to Lexacom.

  • Click on the ‘Connect to a Group’ tab
  • Enter the administrator’s email address and Group password that was used for the registration
  • Copy and paste the license key from the third email into the License key field
  • Click ‘Validate’, Lexacom should insert the group name specified previously, into the Group Name field.

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