A dictation in the Review grid requires action and has not yet been dispatched. The review grid can be found in Lexacom Talk Form Mode and shows:

  • Dictations that have been Held – See How To hold a Dictation
  • Dictations that have been Returned for Review from a Typing Pool, to review the typed document or amend the audio


Type Users can return Lexacom Dictations to the Lexacom Talk User for review if:

  • There is a problem with the dictation and further clarification is needed from the Talk User
  • The completed dictation needs to be reviewed and approved by the Talk User

To access a returned dictation go to the Review tab in Lexacom Talk and load
The dictation, supporting documents and any notes from the Type User will open. Playback and amendments can now be made.

The below review actions are available for the opened dictation –

Approve – no further work is required, returns the completed dictation to the Type User
Reject – further work is required, returns the unfinished dictation to the Type User
Dispatch – marks the dictation as complete but does not return the dictation to the Type User. This option may have been disabled by your Lexacom Administrator.
Unload – the Talk User is not ready to return the dictation to the Type User

You will continue to receive the below message until all dictations awaiting review have been actioned

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Service status

13/05/2024 16:02
A recording issue has been identified within Echo. Our engineers are working on a solution as quickly as possible.

14/05/2024 09:16
The Echo issue identified yesterday has been resolved.

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