How To Manage Specialties

Specialties can be used to classify the subject matter of a dictation

E.g. GP Practices may use different areas of medicine, Legal firms may use different areas of practised law.

Specialties can be customised to reflect your organisations processes within Lexacom Admin > Settings > Defaults > Specialties



Creating a Specialty

  1. Click to add a new Specialty Row
  2. Enter a name for the Specialty
  3. Edit Children if required – see Child Specialties below
  4. Click the Save & Close button to save


Deactivating and Reactivating a Specialty

  1. Select the Specialty to deactivate or reactivate
  2. Tick or untick the checkbox to change the active status
  3. Click the Save & Close button to save changes


Child Specialties

Each Speciality may also have a number of ‘child’ specialities that can also be selected to provide more information about the dictation

  1. Click to add a Child Specialty
    • Enter the Speciality name and save as for Parent specialities. All Child Specialities are visible as options to be assigned to parent specialities, regardless of which parent speciality is selected when creating the child.
  2. Tick the Assigned checkbox to assign the Child Speciality to the current Parent Speciality
  3. Click to Activate or deactivate
  4. Click the Save & Close button to save changes.

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