Placing a dictation on Hold, without sending, may be useful if the dictation has been started but cannot be finished or more urgent dictation needs to be made at that time.

Held dictations are not visible to Type Users, dictations may be held indefinitely, and there is no limit (provided there is sufficient server space) to the number or length of dictation that is held.

To hold the Dictation
  • If you are in Form mode, click Hold
    If you are in toolbar mode click the Hold Button
  • The Dictation is now held and has moved to your Review Tab
To retrieve the held Dictation
  • Go to the Review Tab in Form mode
  • Locate the Dictation you need to retrieve
  • Click the Load button

When a dictation is retrieved there is no prior copy of the dictation still saved. If there is an error in dictating or the dictation is accidentally aborted, the dictation cannot be reloaded from the earlier Held dictation again.

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