How To Create or Edit a Typing Pool

A Typing Pool is a group of Type users that Lexacom Talk users can send dictation to.

Additionally, outsourced transcription services and speech recognition services are created as a special type of pool.

  • Log in to Lexacom Administrator
  • Go to > Settings > Users Editor


To Create a New Pool
  • Select Pools and Click New
  • Enter Settings in to the Pool Editor window
    • Name – the name for the Typing Pool
      If configuring outsourced transcription or speech recognition services it would be advisable to use the service’s name here.
    • Type – choose from
      • Pools for standard typing pools (groups of Type users)
      • Speech Recognition Service (for speech-to-text services)
      • Third Party Service (only for Outsourced Transcription services)
      •  Target – the type of service (only for Outsourced Transcription or Speech Recognition services)


To Add Users to a Typing Pool

Type users can be added to multiple typing pools where applicable to access workflow sent by Talk Users

  • Click the Pools tab
  • Select a Type User from the list of Available Users
  • Select the typing pool they need to join
    You can see a list of current members by clicking the + next to the Pool name
  • Click Add

The Type user is now a member of this pool


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