When Lexacom is installed a Lexacom Cloud account is created for the site using a unique email and secure password, this is the Administrator Cloud account and can be accessed using the email/password credentials created at the point of install. This account links your Lexacom System to the Lexacom License Server.

When a user creates a Lexacom Cloud account to be able to use Lexacom Mobile, these profiles are then linked to the site’s Administrator Cloud account.

To create a Lexacom Cloud account

  • Log on to Lexacom Talk.
  • Click on the ‘Settings’ button
  • Click on the ‘Other’ tab
  • Enter the email address and password (which must contain a capital and number) you wish to use as your Lexacom Cloud Account and click ‘Register’.
  • If you have not already registered with the Lexacom Cloud, you will be sent an email to the entered address to authenticate your account
  • Once your details have been validated, your administrator will be sent an email asking them to confirm your application to use Lexacom Mobile at your organisation.
  • Once they have approved your request, you will be informed by email.

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13/05/2024 16:02
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14/05/2024 09:16
The Echo issue identified yesterday has been resolved.

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