Lexacom 3 is fully compatible with Windows 10

Any hardware marked as compatible on our Supported Hardware list will be compatible with Windows 10. If the hardware does not appear on our Supported Hardware list there is no guarantee that it will continue to function in Windows 10.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding an upcoming Windows 10 or server move email Helpdesk@Lexacom.co.uk

Reinstalling Lexacom Post Windows 10 Update

Lexacom will need to be reinstalled on to PCs following a Windows 10 update. This can be undertaken by the Lexacom Helpdesk or your IT Team if confident to do so.

Please contact the Lexacom Helpdesk to ensure the most recent version of our Installer is being used by IT and consider the below details regarding your Lexacom Database

Will my Lexacom Data or SQL Database location be affected?

In most cases Lexacom 3 uses a Microsoft SQL Express instance to manage a database containing the site’s Lexacom information, and a shared data folder (often referred to as ‘network data path’ or ‘NDP’) to hold audio data and configuration details.

For most sites this data will be held on a server on site, or possibly maintained by a central IT authority, and be unaffected by the Windows 10 upgrade. The data of sites using the Lexacom Connect (cloud hosted) implementation will also be unaffected.

Some sites have chosen to install their Lexacom database to a Desktop PC; if you have a desktop PC acting in a server capacity for Lexacom 3 this information will need to be migrated before the PC is updated to Windows 10.

To confirm the locations of both of these:

  • On any PC with Lexacom 3, browse to C:\ProgramData\Aprobrium\Lexacom3
  • Open Lexacom3.cfg in Notepad
  • Make a note of the data share location between the tags
  • This is the shared folder holding the audio data and central configuration. If this location will be affected by the upgrade, please contact Lexacom Helpdesk
  • Browse to this location, and open Lexacom3.server.cfg
  • Make a note of the database against Data Source within the tags
  • This value is recorded as hostname\instance\database. If this location will be affected by the upgrade, please contact Lexacom Helpdesk

Lexacom does not recommend installation of a database on to a Desktop PC due to the associated risks; we would recommend installing onto a full server or migrating to Lexacom Connect if there is no available server.

Will my Lexacom Connect (Cloud) database be affected?

Lexacom Connect is the cloud-hosted version of Lexacom 3. Instead of having a server holding the Lexacom audio files and database, this information is held securely in the cloud.

The software and installation process of Lexacom 3 is the same, but to complete the install the PC must be configured to the Lexacom Connect database in the cloud. Due to the sensitive nature of these configuration details they are securely held in trust by Lexacom and must be input by a Lexacom Technician, via request raised with the Lexacom Helpdesk

If a large number of PCs require configuration it may be beneficial to have these details released to avoid the necessity of contacting the Helpdesk for each installation, please speak with the Helpdesk to arrange the secure release of Connect credentials.

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