How To Change the Appearance of Lexacom

Lexacom comes with a large number of inbuilt colour schemes (‘skins’) that users may change to modify the appearance of Lexacom. Each user may set their own preferred Skin and this will not affect the appearance of other users’ Lexacom programs.

To change the Skin within Lexacom Talk:
  • Go to > Skin (if using Toolbar mode)
  • Click (if using Form mode)
  • Click on a tile to select the desired Skin; this applies immediately
To change the Skin within Lexacom Type:
  • Go to > Settings
  • Under Skin Name use the drop-down menu to select the desired skin; this applies immediately

The default appearance of Lexacom 3 is the blue and grey McSkin scheme. The High Contrast scheme may be preferred for users with low or impaired vision to aid accessibility.

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