Lexacom dictations have a status which identifies; their stage in the workflow, where they are visible and what actions may be needed.

The status is automatically changed when users undertake actions within Lexacom, but this can be changed manually in Lexacom Admin > Tracking.

During the normal operation of Lexacom there should be no need to amend the status on a dictation as changing the status incorrectly may cause problems with the dictation.

There may be some situations where it is necessary to modify the status of the dictation e.g. a dictation has become stuck Transferring.

To change the status of a dictation:

  • Log in to Lexacom Administrator
  • Go to View Tracking
  • Click on the dictation’s Status cell
  • Select the required status
    • E.g. If you want to move the dictation from a Transferring status over to the typing pool, select “Ready for Transcribing”
  • Click the Save button


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