Lexacom users can only be created and added by the Lexacom Administrator. Please ensure you follow ALL steps on this page, including adding the user to the typing pool (last bullet point).

  • Log in to Lexacom Administrator
  • Go to > Settings > Users Editor
  • Select Type > New and enter the user’s details as follows –

    Full Name – this is the user’s display name in Lexacom
    User Name – this is the user’s username which is used to log in and is not visible to others
    User must change password at next logon – selected by default, the user will be requested to change their password from the default password when they next log in.
  • User settings can now be customised to your organisational preferences
    • General – non-mandatory preferences including the option to autorewind for X seconds after pausing a dictation
    • Integration Settings – if using a Clinical System, check these settings for Lexacom to automatically switch to the patient record connected to the dictation by the Talk user . EMIS Web users will also need to approve the user in EMAS Manager See How To Configure EMIS Web Integration – Additional Users
    • Forwarding Permissions – tick to enable the ability to forward a dictation to another User or Service
  • Ensure the Type user is added to the Typing Pool(s)
    • Go to the Pools tab
    • Click to select the user on the left, and then the pool they need to access on the right
    • Click Add >> to add them to the pool

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Service status

21/06/2024 10:16
We are continuing to investigate this issue with Microsoft as quickly as possible.

21/06/2024 10:14
Microsoft have reported this error to be resolved, however our monitoring shows that it is still unresolved at some sites.

19/06/2024 16:50
The connection timeout error has been identified as a Microsoft issue, and escalated to them with the highest priority.

17/06/2024 09:23
A small number of sites have reported a connection timeout error with the Connect server, we are troubleshooting and investigating.

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