Lexacom users can only be created and added by the Lexacom Administrator.

  • Log in to Lexacom Administrator
  • Go to > Settings > Users Editor
  • Select Type > New and enter the user’s details as follows –

    Full Name – this is the user’s display name in Lexacom
    User Name – this is the user’s username which is used to log in and is not visible to others
    User must change password at next logon – selected by default, the user will be requested to change their password from the default password when they next log in.
  • User settings can now be customised to your organisational preferences
    • General – non-mandatory preferences including the option to autorewind for X seconds after pausing a dictation
    • Integration Settings – if using a Clinical System, check these settings for Lexacom to automatically switch to the patient record connected to the dictation by the Talk user . EMIS Web users will also need to approve the user in EMAS Manager See How To Configure EMIS Web Integration – Additional Users
    • Forwarding Permissions – tick to enable the ability to forward a dictation to another User or Service
  • Ensure the Type user is added to the Typing Pool(s)
    • Go to the Pools tab
    • Click to select the user on the left, and then the pool they need to access on the right
    • Click Add >> to add them to the pool

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